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In need of furnace repair?

If furnaces could talk, West LA residents would have a lot more confidence maintaining their heaters before, during and after the cooler winter months. Furnaces would let you know when it’s time for routine maintenance. They would also be able to anticipate malfunctions and alert homeowners to have a technician diagnose and perform furnace repair services before they lead to a complete system breakdown. 

Alas, most residents are too busy to be able to learn all the ins and outs of these highly technical machines. That’s where we come in. We may not be able to talk to your furnace either, but our NATE certified technicians are THE most trained specialists in the industry and know exactly what to look for and how to fix it when an HVAC emergency arises.

From minor tweaks to serious system crashes, no job is too big or too small to give our West LA HVAC techs a call. At MightyServ, we’re not just in the HVAC industry, we’re in the home comfort industry. If you’re at home worrying about your furnace, you’re not going to be comfortable physically or in terms of your peace of mind.

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Early detection matters

Don’t wait until your system has experienced irreparable damage or until your next scheduled maintenance visit. Learn the basic signs of a furnace malfunction so you can protect your expensive and important appliance by calling in a pro before it’s an emergency.

What are the signs that my furnace is malfunctioning?

While you can’t speak to or reason with your faulty furnace, it doesn’t mean it’s not going to communicate certain signs and symptoms that it’s not functioning optimally. Even if you won’t be able to address these repairs yourself, it can be invaluable for the comfort of your home or office and the longevity of your system to detect problems early. Just like our bodies need balance and care to maintain our optimal functionality, a furnace is no different. If a problem is ignored for an extended period of time, one or more of the components in your furnace could be overexerting to compensate. In this way, early detection not only addresses the source issue, but potentially the health of the entire unit.

Watch for these signs of a defective furnace:

  • Unfamiliar or strong odors coming from vents or the unit – Rotting or burning smells can be a sign of a malfunction or even an infestation. Strong odors are often a sign of a severe issue and may even be detrimental to your health.
  • The furnace begins to run louder – From unnatural grinding to excessive effort, older or damaged furnaces can become louder when they aren’t working properly. This is a sure sign that a furnace is operating less efficiently and should be fixed.
  • Higher energy bills – Furnaces can lose some of their operational efficiency over time, but if your system is under 5 years old and already showing signs of inefficient energy consumption, it may not just be normal wear and tear.
  • Irregular heat cycles – If you notice cool zones in your home or odd starting and stopping from your furnace, it’s time to consult a technician.
  • Continuous running (cycling) – In line with higher energy bills, a furnace that runs continuously is experiencing one or more issues that are impacting its ability to efficiently and completely heat your home.
  • Leaking fluids – Whether it’s a clog or a break in a line, fluid buildup or leakage around a furnace is a sure sign that a repair is necessary.
  • Discrepancy in your thermostat setting and real-feel temperature – While this can be a thermostat issue, it could also be a sign that your furnace can no longer effectively heat your home. If the later is the case, a technician can help decide whether or not your furnace needs to be repaired or replaced.

Get started by scheduling an appointment with our team. Call us at (818) 348-4768.

What to look for in a quality HVAC repairman

Identifying the problem is only half the battle. Ensuring that your furnace is in the best possible hands means that it’s going to be thoroughly inspected, the root issue is properly addressed, any auxiliary issues are noted and fixed and that you aren’t being waitlisted or over-charged. While that may seem like a lot to ask for, the best HVAC companies always operate with integrity, efficiency and expert knowledge.

If you’re looking to have your furnace serviced, make sure the technician you choose checks most, if not all, of these boxes:

  • 24/7 accessibility – Your furnace keeps your family comfortable throughout the cold winter nights. When it needs repaires, you need to be able to rely on your HVAC provider to have the capacity to efficiently triage emergency calls and send over a trained technician ASAP.
  • Fast service – It’s important that the job is done right, but it’s equally important that a repair job addresses your needs quickly so that you experience as little inconvenience as possible.
  • Proven excellence – HVAC equipment is too expensive and important to place in the hands of just anyone. Look for companies that not only have been in business for many years, but that are also committed to continued learning/training.
  • The right parts – Some providers have a minimal selection of parts and tools on-hand to provide same-day solutions to major problems. The longer they take, the longer you and your family are stuck without a comfortable (liveable) home.
  • An emphasis on learning – HVAC may seem like an old and established industry, but the truth is, it’s ever-evolving. From new technologies to new industry regulations, you always want to be certain that your furnace is going to receive modern solutions.

At MightyServ, we’ve been in business for over 60 years servicing the greater Los Angeles area. As one of Carrier’s Factory Authorized Dealers, award-worthy is our standard. We take pride in investing in our technicians’ training and certifications to ensure that our customers always receive industry-leading solutions to their home comfort problems. If your furnace is in need of repair and you live in West LA, Tarzana, Northridge, Thousand Oaks,  West Hills, or any surrounding area… give us a call for fast and effective service, 24/7!


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