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Looking to replace your air conditioner or heater? Then, you may have come across ductless mini-splits in your research. Ductless systems are a popular solution for Los Angeles homes because of their efficient performance and small size. 

Ductless units offer many benefits compared to traditional air conditioners. Ductless units, sometimes called mini-splits, are quiet, efficient, and offer zoned comfort. 

A new HVAC system will last for more than a decade, so choosing a system that will meet all your needs is crucial. Most LA homeowners typically think about HVAC in terms of thermal comfort. But heating and cooling systems are also the source of noise and make up a big chunk of your energy bill. So, make sure you are holistic in thinking about your new air conditioner or furnace purchase.

How is a ductless mini-split different than a normal unit?

A “normal” air conditioner in the Los Angeles area is called a split direct expansion (or split DX) system. A split system gets its name because it is quite literally split into two main components: an outdoor condenser unit and an indoor evaporator component. Most homes in the Southern California area have a split system that can produce 3 to 5 tons of cooling capacity. Both elements – the indoor and outdoor pieces – are sized for 3-5 tons.

Comparatively, a mini-split system is a much smaller size. A single mini-split can be as small as 0.5 tons or 1/2 ton. There are still the same two main components. A single mini-split system is an excellent choice for a single room or converted space, like an add-on or renovated attic. By adding a mini-split, you don’t need to add ductwork to an existing air conditioner or replace your AC with a bigger unit. 

There are also larger, multi-zone mini splits that are suitable for the whole home. In a residential ductless system, there is one larger outdoor unit connected to multiple small indoor units. So, the outdoor unit can produce up to 6 tons of cooling, while each indoor unit produces a smaller amount of cooling, ranging in size from ½ ton up to the full 6 tons.  In this system, each area of your home can have an indoor unit and thus a separate temperature control. This dramatically improves the comfort and efficiency of your home! 

And yes – ductless mini-splits do not use ductwork. Instead of cooling the air in your coil, then pushing it through ductwork to your living areas, a minisplit does the cooling right inside the room that needs it. That improves efficiency and eliminates the need for attic space to accommodate ductwork.

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Ductless System Benefits

Ductless systems are not commonplace in Los Angeles. That’s because they have only been around for the last twenty years or so. But more and more LA homeowners see the advantages to ductless mini-splits, such as:

  • Actual home zoning – A ductless system can achieve precise temperature control in every zone of your home. Ducted systems may have zone control problems, but ductless systems work seamlessly with many zones. Imagine setting your master bedroom to a chilly 68°F, while the nursery stays a more temperate 75°F. Visiting guests can even control their temperature for a comfortable night away from home. It’s possible with a ductless system!
  • Energy-saving – Ductless systems use unique compressors that can run at completely variable speeds, compared to even the most efficient split DX systems which only offer stages. It’s like the difference between a lamp with dimmer versus a light that has just three settings – bright, dim, or off.  As a result, a ductless system consumes only the amount of energy required to cool your home and nothing more. Since air conditioning is one of the biggest consumers of power in LA homes, a mini-split air conditioner can drastically cut your energy bill.
  • Whisper Quiet – Have you ever been unable to sleep due to a noisy air conditioner? Mini-splits are nearly silent. You won’t believe they are even operating! And, the units run continuously to offer precise comfort. Say goodbye to the banging on and off of your old unit.
  • Combination heat & air conditioning – Most ductless systems can heat AND cool. Most Los Angeles homeowners could get rid of their furnace entirely. So if you need to replace both your AC and your heater, a ductless heat pump is a great choice. And, you’ll only have one piece of equipment to repair or replace in the future.

Ductless Mini-Split Resources for LA Homeowners:

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If you would like to learn more about ductless systems, MightyServ can provide our expert opinion.  We install top of the line Carrier mini-splits every day in the San Fernando Valley. 

Our team can provide maintenance and service on any mini-split brand, like Mitsubishi, Daikin, LG, Fujitsu, or Hitachi. If you have a broken mini-split unit or need help to fix your ductless system, trust the experts at MightyServ! Contact us today for service, installation, or repairs for any ductless system.


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