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MightyServ is not a name but a concept. It embodies excellence and signifies a strategic advancement for Canoga Park Heating and Air Conditioning. It underscores our commitment to delivering superior customer service and innovative solutions that enhance the daily lives of our homeowners.

We are mighty of heart, mind, and muscle.
We are MightyServ!

Our team will tell you, MightyServ represents growth and fresh beginnings. Canoga Park Heating and Air Conditioning has established a commendable reputation within the community. This rebranding demonstrates our aspiration to expand our reach and deepen customer connections. Canoga Park Heating and Air Conditioning is the unbreakable backbone of MightyServ.

That strong backbone will not change. Canoga Park Heating and Air Conditioning has undergone a name change but our core principles remain unchanged. And we are proud to say that our original name will still be used for commercial services.

MightyServ is about us and our place in this community. It’s about you, our homeowner, and our intention to serve.


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