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If you’ve ever experienced an AC breakdown, you know how inconvenient it can be. The best way to prevent breakdowns and keep you and your family cool all year long is with a regular AC tune-up. Scheduling a regular tune-up is one of the best long-term investments you can make in your AC system.

MightyServ provides the best AC tune-ups around. Our technicians are fast, thorough, polite, and have years of experience serving residents of Canoga Park.

AC Tuneups in 3 Simple Steps

  • Call to schedule the exact time and day that works for you
  • Answer a few questions to prep the technician
  • A technician arrives and performs your indoor and outdoor maintenance.

Get started by scheduling an appointment with our team. Call us at (818) 348-4768.

What Is an AC Tune-Up?

An AC tune-up, also called AC maintenance, is a thorough inspection of your AC unit accompanied by needed adjustments or repairs. 

When you schedule an AC tune-up with us, a highly trained technician will perform a complete inspection of your system, including the panels, controls, safety mechanisms, and ductwork. 

If we notice anything out of alignment, we’ll adjust it. If we uncover anything that needs more serious repairs, we’ll discuss the options with you and recommend the next steps. An AC tune-up ensures that your system is working properly and with no underlying issues that will give you problems down the road.

If you can’t remember the last time you had a tune-up, your system is probably overdue for a check. Leading AC manufacturers recommend scheduling a tune-up once a year.

Benefits of AC Tune-Ups

AC tune-ups can seem like an added and unnecessary expense, but they are an important part of taking care of your air conditioning system. Tune-ups also offer other benefits by improving energy efficiency, preventing breakdowns, and extending the life of your AC.

Improve Your Energy Efficiency

AC bills in the summer can really add up. Improving the energy efficiency of your AC unit is a great way to prevent your AC unit from over-working and save money. Many homeowners are opting for energy-efficient AC systems to meet their energy goals. 

If you are not in the market for a new AC system, an AC tune-up is the next best thing you can do. If your AC unit hasn’t been tuned up in a while, it could be running with bad or misaligned parts without you even knowing. These underlying issues mean that your unit is not running as efficiently as it should. 

Ultimately, an AC unit that is not running smoothly will use more energy and cost more every month. An AC tune-up will get your system running in top shape, so you’ll have total confidence you are not spending more than you need to this summer.

Prevent Costly Breakdowns

Many homeowners don’t realize that an AC breakdown can often be traced back to a minor issue that could have been caught much earlier with proper maintenance. An AC tune-up will uncover small issues before they cause a breakdown, while they are still minor and easy to fix. 

An AC breakdown can be stressful and leave you with a big repair bill. It’s best to be proactive by scheduling a regular tune-up.

Extending the Life of Your AC Unit

Replacing your AC unit can be one of the biggest expenses associated with homeownership. Investing in AC maintenance can help ensure that you don’t have to replace your AC sooner than you should have to. 

AC units that aren’t properly maintained usually develop underlying issues that cause them to work harder to keep up, which can cause extra wear and tear. On the other hand, units that receive regular tune-ups run smoother and can last years longer. 

Get Your AC Tune-Up in Three Easy Steps

MightyServ makes getting your regular AC tune-up simple and painless. You can get your tune-up in three easy steps:

  • Call to schedule a time that works for you
  • Answer a few questions prior to your appointment
  • The technicians arrive and perform the tune-up in under 45 minutes

Just 45 minutes can get your AC tuned up and give you complete peace of mind that your system is working properly.

MightyServ has been in the business since 1963 and has provided thousands of AC tune-ups to local residents. We began with one service truck, and today, we have helped over 65,000 satisfied customers.

We’re committed to quality work, customer satisfaction, and ensuring Canoga Park residents stay cool all summer long. Give us a call today to schedule your AC tune-up.


Don’t want the full tune-up? We strongly recommend a filter change!

Remember: your air conditioner takes whatever particles are inside your home and spreads it around! You can capture and contain those contaminants with a clean filter.

Our safe filter change includes safe removal of your old filter (bagging and disposal), disinfecting the surfaces inside of your furnace, and installation of a new filter.


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