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Heating Products for San Fernando Valley Homes

Ready to replace your heater? You’ve come to the right place! And look at you, doing your own research. Gold star! On this page, you’ll learn more about different heating systems and the advantages of each. Here at MightyServ, we offer high-quality heating products from the top manufacturers. We know that replacing a heater is a big decision. Whenever you are ready, one of our smiling team members can recommend the heating system that best suits your home and your family.

Start Here: Gas or Electric?

For residential heating products, an important factor in system type is whether your home will use gas or electricity to generate heat. 

Furnaces use natural gas or propane for heat. When the home needs heating, a burner ignites and flames heat a heat exchanger. Inside the furnace, a fan forces air across the heat exchanger, then pushes the air through the ductwork and into the home. It still requires electricity to power some small components, such as the electronic control board. However, the bulk of the utility used to provide heat is gas. Read more about heating with gas.

Heat Pumps use electricity to power a unit that generates heat. A heat pump unit looks very similar to an air conditioner and has many of the same internal components. When your home needs heat, the heat pump runs a compressor, a fan, and other moving parts to start a refrigeration cycle (but in reverse- for creating heat). 

If you are replacing a furnace, it’s convenient to replace the furnace with a newer, more modern furnace. It’s worth considering the benefits of an electric system, though. Heat pumps are very energy efficient and require less space than a furnace. Also, there may be programs available to homeowners to support California’s electrification program, which may be an incentive to go electric.

Types of Heaters for LA Homeowners

There are several kinds of heating systems available to homeowners in Southern California: 

  • Furnaces – Here at MightyServ, we only install high quality Carrier furnaces to create a warm and cozy home for our customers. If you are seeking top-of-the-line comfort and efficiency, the Infinity® Gas Furnace with Greenspeed Intelligence is for you. For a flexible and durable option, consider the Performance series. Any furnace you buy must comply with low NOx regulations. Our team knows the ins and outs of every model, and we can help recommend one that meets your needs.  Learn more about furnace installation.
  • Traditional Heat Pumps – Heat pumps look like air conditioners and work like air conditioners… and they do, in fact, provide air conditioning! But while air conditioners only provide cooling, a heat pump can provide both heating and cooling from the same unit. If you’re interested, you can read more about the differences between air conditioners and heat pumps. A heat pump can be a space-saving alternative to a furnace, and it eliminates the need to use gas for heat. Learn more about heat pump systems.
  • Ductless Mini-splits – Your research on heating products may have led you to ductless mini-splits. In fact, ductless mini splits are a heat pump system configured slightly differently. While traditional heat pumps and furnaces provide central heat, a ductless system is decentralized. Each room in your home served by a ductless mini split has its own temperature control, which improves both comfort and efficiency. Plus: it requires no ductwork, which is beneficial for add-ons and renovations. Learn more about ductless systems

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Heating Products at Any Budget

We know you’re not thrilled with spending money on a new heating system. Here at MightyServ, our first step is always to listen. We ask about your needs and your comfort, and we will provide a professional recommendation. Our team will never recommend a heating system that is more than you need or asked for. We promise to find a solution that works for your home and budget, without compromising on quality. Our friendly service professionals are knowledgeable about active rebates and financing options, which can make your purchase more manageable. Call us today to schedule an appointment; you’ll see why so many of your neighbors are a part of our MightyServ family.

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