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0% Financing for 60 months on Carrier Infinity System installations.
HVAC Tune-ups available for when you buy or sell a home.
HVAC system maintenance plans starting as low as $17 per month.
Free second opinions when you are looking to replace your homes HVAC system

*Offers are available for a limited time only and on select systems. Cannot be combined. Subject to change without notice. Must be present at the time of service. Financing WAC. Call for complete details.

Unfortunately, you can’t control when your HVAC system is going to experience a malfunction or shut down entirely. That can mean that HVAC maintenance, repair or replacement can occur when your budget isn’t prepared. That’s why at MightyServ, we always provide customers with ways to save on the HVAC services they need to keep their loved ones safe and comfortable, all year round. 

From seasonal specials and rebates to flexible financing options, we work with our customers to understand their budgets and explore the best possible ways for them to acquire and maintain a reliable and efficient HVAC system. Whether it’s ways to save now, or later, check out our specials and promotions throughout the year to get more out of our home comfort solutions for less.

Seasonal HVAC Savings

Spring/Summer HVAC Tune-Up – With LA weather, homeowners could be operating their air conditioners nearly the entire year. This continued system strain makes maintenance pivotal for ensuring the efficiency and longevity of your central air system. If you only ever wait until your system shuts down entirely before calling in a technician, you could be damaging the efficiency and integrity of your system. This will lead to higher monthly energy bills, more frequent repair costs and years off of your system’s total life.

Fall/Winter Maintenance Special – When the temperatures start to drop, it’s time to think about your heat pump or furnace ready for regular use throughout the fall and winter months. The earlier you have your heating system serviced, the better. This ensures that any minor issues are addressed before they lead to greater (and more expensive) issues.


Rebates are a great way to reward customers for making smarter purchases on HVAC systems.

Typically there are three reasons why a new HVAC system is offering a rebate upon purchase:

  • The system may be debuting a new technology that the manufacturer is eager to introduce into the market to begin gathering valuable consumer data.
  • Seasonal demands affect the inventory of HVAC units, and manufacturers might offer rebates in off-seasons. A surplus in units means big savings for you!
  • An energy company may provide a rebate for the purchase of a highly efficient HVAC system. Energy companies may struggle to maintain enough bandwidth to support their customers’ energy consumption. This is why many California energy companies are happy to provide a kickback to customers in the form of a rebate, rewarding them for making an energy-efficient purchase.

Stop by our rebates page or ask your technician about any available rebates for systems that you’re considering for your home. Be certain to check all of the parameters of the given rebate to ensure you follow the steps properly to secure your savings.


Whether financing is simply a matter of convenience to reduce the stress of making a larger purchase, or a necessity, we know how important it is to offer reliable and secure financing options for our Canoga Park and San Fernando Valley HVAC customers. Stop by our financing page or talk with one of our HVAC pros to see which option works best for you.

Other HVAC Savings Tips

We know that there are always going to be more exciting ways to spend your savings than purchasing a new air conditioner or paying for routine maintenance. That’s why we go above and beyond to provide useful tips and tricks to increase home comfort without solely relying on your HVAC system.

Additional ways to address the temperature and comfort of your home include:

  • Houseplants – Plants can improve the air quality of a home and also improving humidity levels. High humidity can undermine the efforts of even the most effective HVAC systems by making the air cooler in the winter and warmer in the summer.
  • Opening and closing blinds/curtains – The sun can either supplement your furnace or press your AC depending on the season. If you keep your blinds open during the day in the winter, you can let in more natural sunlight to help heat your home. Conversely, keeping blinds closed during the peak heat season can keep your home crisp and cool more efficiently.
  • Regular maintenance – Your HVAC system is complex and experiences regular strain throughout the year. Having a technician out to your house at least twice a year ensures that the natural wear and tear is kept to a minimum. This also provides the peace of mind that any red-flags are identified (early) and fixed in a timely fashion.
  • Thermostat settings – Talk with one of our technicians about your thermostat settings. There could be a significant disparity between how you naturally set your thermostat in the summer or winter and your system’s optimal operating settings.

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