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At MightyServ, our goal is to help Los Angeles homeowners reach optimum home comfort without breaking the bank. While an energy-efficient air conditioner and furnace will go a long way, the mechanical equipment is only one part of the equation. There’s also your ductwork to consider. We can help to ensure your ductwork is leak-free with Aeroseal duct sealing.

There are many benefits to duct sealing, but first, it is essential to understand how leaky ductwork can impact your home comfort.


Ductwork: The Vehicle of Home Comfort

You probably don’t think about your ductwork very often. After all, there’s a reason that most builders hide it away in an attic. And given that air is colorless, there’s a good chance that you have no idea whether your ductwork is leaky or airtight. 

Let us put it this way: if you discovered that any of your water pipes were leaking, you would want to fix it urgently, right? Besides the potential for water damage, you’re paying for every penny of water that leaks out. The same is true for ductwork. If you have leaky ductwork, you are paying an unnecessary premium for your HVAC to heat and cool your living space.

Supply ductwork carries conditioned air from your equipment to your living spaces. But there is also return ductwork – the ducts that route air from your living areas back to your HVAC equipment.

If return ductwork is leaking, then the blower fan inside your furnace will not be successful at pulling air from your space. The result? Dust and debris that should get sucked from your bedrooms and living rooms and get caught in the air filter will just stay there, resulting in poor indoor air quality.

Warm air from a furnace leaks into the area above the ceiling, resulting in not-so-warm air sent to the living spaces.

Duct Leak Testing for HVAC Systems

MightyServ is a Certified Aeroseal Contractor. We use a tested and proven method to determine if your ductwork is leaking too much air.

Our trained technicians will start by blocking all of your air vents. Then, we will add a temporary hole to your ductwork. That hole allows us to connect specialized leak-detection equipment to your ductwork. With this method, we can precisely determine how much air your ductwork is leaking. Check out this video for the complete process:

Aeroseal Technology

If we find that you do have too much air leaking out of your ductwork, we can help! At MightyServ, we use Aeroseal to patch up all duct leaks.

Developed by U.C. Berkeley, this innovative polyamide technology works from inside your duct system to fully seal all leaks in just an hour.

First, we cover all the air vents and wall registers. Then, we can inject the Aeroseal formula into your duct system. This allows the Aeroseal to flow through until it reaches a leak. The unique bonding properties of polyamides stick to any openings and build up a seal, leaving just 1-2 ounces in the system when the process is complete. As experts in the heating and cooling space, we feel that every Los Angeles homeowner should know about Aeroseal technology.

The non-invasive Aeroseal process:

Restores your duct system

Cuts energy bills

Ensures clean air

Allows your HVAC systems to get your home to the temperatures you want

As certified contractors of Aeroseal, we’re proud to bring you cutting-edge technology for healthier living. Within a few weeks, your HVAC will be running at full blast to keep you comfortable. Guarantee yourself excellent air quality in a fresh, clean home that’s as cool as you need by scheduling your duct inspection today!


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