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3 Tips for Comparing New Air Conditioning Systems


Regardless if you are a believer in global warming caused by man or not, it is common knowledge that using older electrical air conditioning systems which are not that energy efficient rather than the new systems is a waste in resources and money. Homeowners can become more energy efficient simply by getting rid of their older outdated systems and replacing them with newer models.

Benefits of Modern AC Systems

In the last couple decades, modern air conditioning systems have changed a great deal. Heated air from a heat pump system or furnace or air conditioning cooled air is forced through air ducts or vents, and evenly distributed throughout the home. One of the most cost effective and efficient ways to heat or cool your entire home is through a central HVAC system.

There is advanced, integrated technology built into modern AC units to provide you with ultra-quiet operation and top-notch service. The modern AC systems are smarter looking and can be found in many shapes and sizes. They come with a filtration system that is improved and is set in place to eliminate harmful particles, which is thought to cause hay fever, asthma and other unhealthy conditions.

If you are looking to replace your older AC model, you should explore the SEER rating on the systems. This rating informs you of the level of energy efficiency the AC system will be. The higher the SEER rating is, the better the system will be and more energy efficient is will be. Before investing in any model, look into the ENERGY STAR® database, since it will provide information about which appliance and system will be the most user friendly, cost effective and energy efficient.

Exploring AC Systems

Of all the modern AC units out there in the market today, a few stand out.

GIBSON Central AC Systems – Gibson AC units are manufactured through Gibson Air. These Gibson units are comparatively economical to use since they come with high SEER ratings. There are plenty of options of Gibson units to choose from with SEER ratings of up to 20.50, therefore you will qualify for tax credits as well.

FRIGIDAIRE – The Frigidaire AC unit is known for one of the industry leading units to balance the performance of the unit, with the cost and efficiency. Most of the Frigidaire AC systems come with controls that can be used to change the temperatures of up to 3 speeds. All of the units come with antibacterial filters that help to keep out bacteria, dust and other harmful airborne particles.

ARMSTRONG – The Armstrong AC units have been around since 1928, offering cooling and heating solutions for both commercial and residential use. You will find a complete line of cooling and heating products. These units are environmentally sound and energy efficient and all come with the Energy Star seal, which means they are tax credit eligible.

Carrier – Carrier is one of the largest manufacturers of AC and heating systems in the world. They keep themselves a step ahead of everyone else with heavy investment on research and analysis. They cover the complete range of products needs for air conditioning, heating, and indoor air quality.

Jordan Burton lives in the hot climate of Phoenix, AR and has always been looking out for ways of staying comfortable. He blogs regularly on AC Systems and related issues.


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