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3 Tips for Making a 2017 Home Repair and Maintenance Budget


The new year is just around the corner, so why not make it your best yet? There is a good chance that you have already started thinking about your New Year’s resolutions and which personal goals you would like to start working on. But have you thought about what projects you’d like to take on around your home in 2017?

Regular maintenance is an important part of maintaining a safe and comfortable home environment. The key to making home improvement projects successful is planning ahead. This includes both knowing what needs to be done, but also considering how you will pay for it. By the end of this article, you’ll have a better idea of how to make a 2017 home improvement budget.

How to Make a 2017 Home Improvement Budget

Here are just a few tips for preparing a home improvement budget for the new year:

  1. Set aside time and money for maintenance.

It’s important to plan ahead for the new year so that you can set aside an adequate amount of money and time to complete your home improvement projects. There are many basic maintenance tasks that you can complete yourself to save money such as landscaping, painting, and cleaning. Other projects will require a professional. By taking some time at the beginning of the year to look at all of the home improvement projects you would like to complete, you will be able to better determine how much time and money each project will require. This helps you better manage your time and budget.

  1. Plan ahead to save for major home improvement projects.

Major home improvement projects like replacing your roof, remodeling your kitchen, or installing a new HVAC system can be costly and time consuming. That is why it is vital to plan ahead and save for these purchases. Periodically check your home’s appliances and other elements of your house such as the roof, deck, etc. to anticipate when each will need to be replaced or repaired. Then, set aside money each month to go toward making these improvements in the future.

  1. Factor in money-saving improvements.

We all want to have a nice looking home, but aesthetics should not be your only concern when it comes to home improvement projects. If you want to save money in the long run, you may want to plan for money-saving improvements like installing energy efficient appliances or improving your home’s insulation. These energy-saving home improvement projects can help you conserve more energy and significantly reduce your energy costs over time.

Now that you know what to include and consider in your home repair and maintenance budget, it’s time to get down to business and start deciding which projects you will take on this year. If a new air conditioner or indoor air quality products are on your list of home renovations, contact us. We would love to help you create a more comfortable environment in your MightyServ home.


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