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A Furnace Tune Up Today Can Prevent Costly Repairs Later


The best way to take care of a home’s heating system is to have the furnace maintained by a professional. An Annual Furnace Maintenance inspection will keep a furnace in proper working order, which prevents issues that could arise later. During a normal preseason furnace maintenance inspection a technician will go over the internal and external components of a furnace.

By checking the wiring system, cleaning the burner, checking pipes and connectors for leaks, changing the filter, clearing vents if necessary and calibrating the thermostat to regulate the temperature, serious mechanical problems can be avoided. Think of the maintenance required for a furnace to be similar to that of a car. Regular inspections and maintenance keeps a car running longer, the same is true of a furnace.

Over time a lot of furnace parts can wear down, dirt can build up in orifices, leaks can be caused, and a furnace can start to struggle to work. A dirty filter will also cause a furnace to struggle and consume more energy to operate. Changing the filter regularly can lengthen the life of a furnace, improve efficiency, and prevent respiratory illnesses.

Having an expert HVAC inspection can help prevent costly emergency repairs down the line. Nothing is worse than having a broken or struggling furnace in the dead of winter. The cost of a preseason furnace tune up pales in comparison to the cost of an emergency visit, parts not included.

Many homeowners play it safe and have their furnace tuned up about a month before cold weather hits. This gives them time to identify problems that may need to be repaired, and rest easy knowing that their furnace will hold up over another winter. An inspection is not a guarantee that there will be no problems, but it is the best insurance against having problems.

Increasing the life of a furnace is important because furnaces are not cheap. Regular filter changes and HVAC maintenance inspections are a homeowner’s best line of defense against repairs and furnace replacement. Staying warm and safe this winter starts with a phone call to a local HVAC contractor; pick up the phone today to stay warm tomorrow.


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