All You Need to Know About Gas Heating Systems


When you’re shopping for air conditioning or heating systems, consider natural gas furnaces. They offer many benefits that their traditional counterparts can’t match. In fact, they’re usually less expensive and more reliable than electricity. With the right efficiency ratings, they can cut your energy costs and may even qualify you for rebates.

Air Conditioning Experts Show How Gas Heating Systems Work

Unlike typical heating and air conditioning units, natural gas supply pipelines are installed underground to shield them from the elements and accidents that may result in electrical outages. This means you can still use the system to keep your home warm and cozy in case of a blackout. Here’s a closer look at how it works:

  • Fuel Supply. Once the new gas line is installed, your home’s gas plumbing provides natural gas to the furnace. In case of a pipe leak, turn to qualified HVAC contractors or plumbers to make the necessary repairs or replacement. Natural gas is combustible, but technicians know what it takes to prevent the risks of fires.
  • Furnace Startup and Fuel Ignition. When your thermostat goes below your pre-programmed temperature, it sends a cue to the furnace to start producing heat. An electronic ignition or pilot light then ignites the gas burner.
  • Heating the Home. After the furnace senses that the burner’s temperature is already high enough, a blower fan will transfer air to the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger heats air without getting exposed to the actual flame or burner area. When it’s warm enough, the heated air is then forced through your ductwork.
  • Shutdown. If the thermostat senses that your indoor space has achieved your preferred temperature, it communicates with your furnace to stop the heating cycle. The gas valve that provides heat to the burner will turn off, but the blower will continue to run for a short time. This ensures that all the heat has been recovered from the system.

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