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Carrier Donates to Georgia Northwestern HVAC Program


The Chattanooga based firm, Carrier Enterprise, has donated funds to assist with training students attending Northwestern Technical College in Georgia. Recently, the Tennessee firm provided a Carrier touch-screen Wi-Fi thermostat to the college as well. Carrier gave the college more than $10,000 worth of equipment and training. This will be used for the ventilation, air conditioning and heating program taught at the college’s campus in Walker County, Rock Spring.

It has been widely reported that Carrier donates to Georgia Northwestern HVAC program, as a way of training the next generation of techs to service the Infinity air Conditioning System. Undoubtedly, this system is among Carrier’s best models. Another benefit of this training arrangement, is that when industry representatives visit the college, students get the chance to network with them. Hence, students learn the right information and meet the right people. In addition, at its’ Chattanooga premises, Carrier trains students of the college free of charge on how to service its’ products.

Inspired by Willis Carrier’s early twentieth century work on air conditioning systems, Carrier is a leading global brand in refrigeration, air conditioning and heating solutions. Nowadays, Carrier products are used the world over, in almost every area of day to day life. The firm aims to create productive and comfortable environments, irrespective of the weather.

Carrier safeguards the supply of global food, by preserving the freshness and quality of beverages and food. The firm facilitates well being and health, by allowing the correct delivery and transport of crucial medical supplies in difficult circumstances. One key principle of the firm is to preserve the environment and protect the planet’s limited natural resources. Since 1994, the firm has led the sector in phasing out ozone damaging refrigerants.

Raising the benchmark for energy efficiency, sustainability and performance, Carrier provides building controls, energy services and air conditioning solutions for the life cycle of buildings. The firm transports cold chain monitoring solutions, replacement components and refrigeration equipment. This ensures the reliable, safe delivery of medical supplies, food and beverages, and other perishable goods to businesses and people across the world. Catering to the food service, food retail and beverage sectors, the firm’s refrigeration solutions are founded on cutting edge technologies, to improve the appearance and safety of consumables.

Products from Carrier are used in more households than the products of any other brand. This is why MightyServ offers a range of options (with preferred interest rates, flexible terms and low monthly payments) to finance new Carrier products or systems. We have built a relationship with Wells Fargo Retail Services (and at participating Carrier dealers), MightyServ allows customers to invest in home comfort, or react to an unexpected cooling/heating problem, without it costing an arm and a leg.


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