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Common Cooling Myths You Need to Know


Like most of us, you have probably been influenced by stories of how to improve your home cooling. Some of these suggestions may be among the many falsehoods that are generously shared between homeowners. Here, are at least five common cooling myths that can be discredited:

Myth No. 1: Fans Cool Down a Room

Fans have one purpose, to move air around. When this air blows across your body, it feels cool, so you naturally assume the air is cooled down. In fact, the air is as uncomfortably warm after it’s blown across your body as before it began to move. The only time fans cool a room is when they draw cooler air from outside to the inside.

Myth No. 2: Air Conditioners Only Cool Air

It is a known fact that humid air feels hotter than dry air. Another function of your air conditioner is to remove humidity from a room using a drying function built into the unit. When this function isn’t working properly, your home will seem hotter. If your air conditioner lacks this function, try adding a dehumidifier to the rooms you want cooled.

Myth No. 3: A Larger Air Conditioner Will Cool Your Home Better

The reason your air conditioner is not cooling your home sufficiently may be due to it needing maintenance. It may be installed in an area that receives direct sunlight for too many hours, limiting its effectiveness. The last reason your air conditioner may not be cooling down your home is due to your home’s weather proofing. Too many air leaks and/or too little insulation can be reducing the effects of your air conditioner. Repair these problems and your old unit will probably cool your home once again.

Myth No. 4: Lowering the Temperature for Faster Cooling is good

Setting the thermostat at a lower temperature could be a problem if you forget to turn up the thermostat again. Your home could get too cold and you’ll be just as uncomfortable cold as you were when it was hot. If you have a window unit, lowering the thermostat is fine as long as you remember to raise the temperature at some point, so your family can be comfortable, not cold.

Myth No. 5: It’s More Efficient to Keep the Temperature Constant All Day

The fact of the matter is adjusting the temperature only allows you to get the comfortable setting you desire. Adjusting the temperature when you are sleeping, when you’re away from home and when you are at home only allow you to use the energy your family absolutely must use to keep your home comfortable. When you keep the temperature higher all day, you use too much energy, energy that is wasted.

Ignoring these of wives’ tales will save you money and possibly increase your comfort level. Erase these myths from your thoughts and try the alternatives.

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