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Common Myths of Home and Commercial HVAC


Home and commercial property owners want their heating and air conditioning units to give the comfort they need while staying energy-efficient. To do so, many of them look for tips and advice online. The problem is not all of the information they see is true. Some may only do more harm than good, which is why it’s important to get the facts straight before doing anything.

Misconceptions About Heating and Air Conditioning

To take care of your heating and air conditioning equipment better, be aware of the common HVAC myths. Learn about the truth behind them:

  • Buying Energy-Efficient Units Is Enough to Cut Your Utility Costs. While it’s true that energy-efficient units can save you money down the road, consider other factors. This includes choosing the right HVAC size for your home or commercial building. An undersized system will work harder than it should to moderate your indoor temperature, while an oversized system will generate excess cooling and shut off prematurely before it eliminates humidity. Both can waste energy and increase your utility bills.
  • Adjusting the Temperature of Your HVAC System Does Nothing. Adjusting your temperature during winter and summer can actually reduce your energy costs. The small amount of time of doing this can make a big difference, especially when you’re out all day or when you’re going to sleep. Consider installing programmable thermostats to adjust the temperatures automatically according to your schedule.
  • Turning Up Your Thermostats Can Heat Your Home or Commercial Space Faster. The temperature setting of your thermostat has no connection with the speed. Adjusting it to 90 degrees will not help your rooms warm to 70 degrees any faster. You’ll only end up consuming more energy than you should.
  • Air Conditioners Are Only Great for Cooling. False. Apart from cooling, A/Cs are also responsible for minimizing humidity inside your home or building. In fact, some units come with a drying function. This prevents indoor air from feeling warmer.

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