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Cooling Options and Services for a Computerized Environment


We are one of the leading cooling and heating solutions providers, and for years, we have been able to provide high quality and highly reliable systems for your data center, elaborate network facilities and computer rooms that require precise temperature levels and humidity. We have a wide and varied range of computer room cooling systems to meet the individual needs of your establishment. Our knowledgeable technicians are not only highly qualified but also up to date with the latest arrivals and technology to give you a cooling service that will work optimally.

We deal in perfectly engineered ceiling, wall and floor cooling and humidity systems and consoles that can be mounted, hung or secured to the floor. our systems are guaranteed to meet the most demanding environment. We also deal in a range of green cooling systems. The precision temperature and humidity controls create ideal surroundings for the sensitive but critical electronic systems to function well during all seasons.

Our technicians do a thorough survey of the rooms, look into various factors and requirements and provide you with the right solutions.

The ductless split air conditioner comes in varied shapes and sizes. It can be mounted on the wall or the ceiling and can be controlled with a wireless, handheld remote or with wall monitor controls. The amount of cold air in a particular area or room can be controlled. Computer ductless split systems are easy to install as they do not require ductwork. They are also less expensive and provide adequate air conditioning. They are perfect for small rooms and can be installed quickly and without much hassle. Computer ductless split systems function far better than ducted air systems as there are no air leaks due to faulty ductwork.

Specialty under-floor cooling systems are highly energy efficient during the winter and summer months. They can keep one room cool and another warm at the same time depending on how you have them set up. They are very cost effective as energy consumption is comparatively less due to reduced heat buildup. They reduce air pollution and dust and eliminate drafts helping to provide a healthy and comfortable environment. A system can be installed in such a way that it is not visible so there are no ghastly looking units to take from the beauty of a room. Specialty under-floor cooling systems are flexible and allow the freedom of varied temperature options and controls.

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