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Dispelling Persistent HVAC Energy Efficiency Myths


Increased energy efficiency is a reasonable home improvement goal to achieve. However, many homeowners tend to believe in fictional means to reach it. If you want to economize energy for comfort with your HVAC system, debunk these misconceptions first:

Buying the Biggest HVAC Unit Means Better Comfort

Proper equipment size is key for maximum comfort. Getting a unit too big for your space costs more money upfront and in the long run. For instance, oversized ACs might require some air conditioning service more frequently due to intermittent electric control failure.

Closing the Vents in Unoccupied Rooms When Heating Is Paramount

Furnaces usually check the ductwork instead of the number of rooms, occupied or not, when generating heat. If you shut the airflow in certain areas just because nobody’s in them, it might throw your equipment off-balance because of the increased air pressure.

Attic Insulation Is Only Beneficial During Winter

Adequate attic insulation matters all year round. During summer, it acts as a barrier against outdoor weather. The apt type of insulation for your home would generate more energy savings during winter, but could also help reduce your summer electric bills.

Maintaining the Same Level of Comfort All Day Lowers Energy Costs

Many people believe that leaving the thermostat unchanged throughout the day, whether someone’s at home or not, is more energy-efficient than adjusting it. It’s generally healthy to give your HVAC system some rest while you’re gone. With a programmable thermostat, you can schedule temperature adjustments ahead of time and make setting changes remotely to stay in control of your HVAC equipment.

Find the Best Air Conditioning Service in Glendale

In addition to ensuring proper equipment installation, it’s imperative to schedule an air conditioning service proactively to guarantee maximum energy efficiency. Getting your HVAC system professionally inspected and having its issues immediately repaired allows it to perform at its best all the time.

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