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Duct Sealing to Keep Bugs and Rodents Out


Keeping a home in great shape and free of rodents isn’t always easy. Mice and other rodents can easily get into your home and destroy your property. They will destroy your wall, insulation and even pose health risks to you and others living in your house. Most rodents use your home’s duct system to move from one room to another, destroying most of your property along the way

The duct system is perfect for these pests to move inconspicuously, and without proper measures, they will continue damaging your property in various ways. Problem with pest control is that rodents can gain access to your home in many ways, making it hard to get rid of them entirely. Mice are known to fit into small vent and duct gaps due to their flexible bodies. We can help you seal all these gaps to ensure you home is 100% rodent free.

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Using Poison Is Not Necessarily The Best Option

One of the most common ways people get rid of mice and other rodents is by using poison. While this is an effective way of destroying them, it might end up causing you even more problems. Note that the poison won’t kill the mice immediately and they can scurry off into unreachable parts of your house and die there. Things get worse when mice die inside your duct system and the smell starts to travel through the ducts and into every room in your home. It will take more effort to locate the dead mice in such areas.

A good way to prevent this from happening would be to place mouse traps inside your ducts which will kill them before they go any further. All you need to do is check the trap a couple of times a day and dispose the dead mouse if you find one. To ensure your duct sealing job is done perfectly and your system works in good condition; call our duct sealing experts today:   (818) 348-4768


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