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Tech Clean Rebates

Everything You Wanted to Know About California’s Tech Clean Program


You’ve probably heard about California’s newest initiative to reduce the state’s carbon footprint. TECH Clean California, also known as The Switch is On, is a program designed to help make the process of switching to eco-friendly energy easier for homeowners. But what does this program involve? 

TECH Clean California Program Basic Structure 

Rebates are available to single- and multi-family homes to upgrade obsolete, inefficient heating systems with more eco-friendly HVAC systems. The program includes the following goals, limitations, and regulations: 

  • Only heat pump space heating and heat pump water heaters qualify for the incentive 
  • It is a statewide push to create balanced incentives throughout the entire state
  • Your local incentive program defines your eligibility, but if there is no program, you qualify for a baseline incentive 

The primary goal is for California to be a carbon-neutral state by 2045.  

Earning Rebates 

Each household is eligible for various rebates based on where you live and how you upgrade. These rebates can be up to $6,000 per household but are dependent on how many systems you’re replacing. 

TECH Clean California includes payments for replacing your old, worn-out water heater. When installing a heat pump, you may receive from $1,000 to $3,100, depending on the fuel source you’re replacing.

Switching to a heat pump provides several benefits to your home: 

  • No open flame, eliminating the risk of gas leaks 
  • No carbon monoxide fumes 
  • Reduced fire risk 
  • Decrease in utility bills 

Installing a heat pump for your energy source will qualify you for valuable rebates, but it will also provide you with monthly energy savings! 

You can work with a local HVAC company to determine how you can best take advantage of these valuable incentives and energy savings. Keep reading to learn more about California’s TECH Clean program. 

Installation Incentives

When you enroll in the program and install a heat pump HVAC or water heater system, you qualify to earn at least $3,000 per installation. Furthermore, some utility companies have partnered with TECH Clean California to offer homeowners in these regions up to $6,600. 

Single-Family Heat Pump Rebates 

Single-family homes can qualify for heat pump rebates, but the total incentive is based on installing green building items. A single-family home could earn up to $3,000 for any heat pump HVAC installation and an additional $3,100 for upgrading the water heater.  

Multi-Family HVAC Rebates 

Many California residents live in multi-family apartment buildings. Don’t worry; you’re also eligible for the rebate program. However, the incentives for multi-family residences are based on a flat rate rather than the number of eco-friendly items installed.  

How to Participate in the Program 

Once you’ve selected a TECH Clean California licensed contractor, you must apply for consideration. Once you give consent, your contractor should take care of everything else. After your approval and installation, the rebates are issued directly to the contractors. However, the savings are passed onto you through lower installation costs.    

Learn More About TECH Clean California Incentives

Contact us if you’re ready to upgrade your home and participate in the TECH Clean California incentives program! We’ll gladly answer your questions and provide more information about the program and how it can help you. Note: TECH Clean rebates are only available while funds last. Ready to find out more? Give us a call today! 


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