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Home improvement jobs for the pros


Not all home improvement projects are created equal. If you’re changing up the color of your walls you can go ahead and paint those without any serious issues. If you’re replacing carpeting with tile floors, that is another job you can do yourself if you’re really so inclined. But there are some jobs that no homeowner should attempt to do both for safety and legal reasons.

Jobs for the Pros

Say last year the mighty oak in your front yard was struck by lightning and it has since died, leaving you with Paul Bunyan’s tumbleweed in your front yard. Cutting that rotting hunk of arboreal coral down is not something that any homeowner can just decide to do themselves one day. The possibility for massive damage to not only your home, but your neighbor’s home, your cars, and any power lines nearby, necessitate the need of a professional. They will come and cut the tree down not in one fell swoop usually, but branch-by-branch first and then by cutting the trunk down a dozen feet at a time or so.

Another project you cannot attempt yourself is the pumping of your septic tank. Why anyone would want to do this themselves is a mystery for the ages but it has apparently been tried enough times that laws have been passed to prevent you from attempting it. Your septic tank is the kind of festering biohazard that would make the CDC blush. All sorts of unpleasantness resides in that dark cavern and it can only be handled by licensed professionals who specialize in that sort of thing. And what would you do with all the stuff you pumped out anyway? You can’t dump it down the drain. Call the pros.

These are just two examples of jobs that require the carefully-trained expertise of professionals. Whether a government worker, utility company technician, or private company employee, all will have been trained and certified in their fields and able to handle the task safely and in accordance with all laws and regulations. By no means is this an exhaustive list — there are many more projects that require a professional.

One of them is servicing your HVAC system. If you’ve been thinking about performing some maintenance on it don’t. Give us at MightyServ a call instead, today!


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