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How Can You Control Your Business HVAC Costs?


HVAC costs can be a huge expense for businesses and large facilities, but there are many no-cost and low cost ways to increase HVAC efficiency and lower your energy bills. Some may require a bit of effort, but all of them should help you to save money in the long run.

Ways To Control Your HVAC Costs

Programmable Thermostats Help Avoid Wasted Energy

If your building’s HVAC system is connected to a standard thermostat, upgrading to a programmable thermostat can make a huge difference. These thermostats allow you to program temperature setbacks so that your system is not operating during off-hours. They may also allow you to program a wider range of allowable temperatures, so that areas where climate control is not so important may grow warmer or cooler than other areas without engaging the HVAC system.

Avoid Heating Or Cooling Loss Through Pipes, Ducts And Dampers

Another inexpensive—although potentially labor-intensive way to increase your HVAC efficiency, is to make sure pipes and ducts are well-insulated where necessary. Replace damaged insulation with higher efficiency material, and make sure all ducts and pipes that pass through unheated areas are all covered with high-quality insulation.

Heated or cooled air can also escape through dampers that are left open or do not seal properly. Inexpensive edge seals made from flexible plastic can help dampers to regain their air-tightness if dampers have begun to wear down with age.

Make Outside Air Work For You

In areas with the right climate, taking advantage of outside air to help cool a facility is a great way to reduce energy costs. Night cooling is often an economical choice in places where off-peak energy rates are very cheap and where the nighttime air is cool and dry. Economizer cycles can also take advantage of a favorable climate by replacing recirculating air with outside air whenever the outside air is significantly cooler and drier than the return air.

When using outside air, facilities may waste money by over-conditioning. To avoid this, keep humidity settings relatively low in winter and relatively high in summer. This way, you keep your HVAC system from having to work overtime to add moisture to dry air and remove it from humid air. The air should still be comfortable for its occupants at these wider ranges of humidity; in fact, you may find that you are able to turn off winter humidification entirely without anyone noticing or caring.

The most efficient ways to control HVAC costs can vary depending on the type of facility you manage and the climate in which you operate.

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