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How Commercial HVAC Services Differ From Residential HVAC Services


Residential and commercial HVAC services differ greatly on the grounds of area of application, equipment installation, repair and maintenance of the same. Whenever you face HVAC problems, it is good to have a clear picture of what kind of service you expect. This goes a long way in helping you figure out the type of technician you are going to call.

Area of Application

Residential HVAC services apply to residential settings like bungalows, gated communities, neighborhood apartments and so on. On the other hand, commercial HVAC services will apply to government facilities, office buildings, schools, zoos or aquariums, office establishments, restaurants and any other type of building that does not count as a residential setting.

Equipment Servicing

Commercial HVAC services also contrast with residential HVAC servicing in the way installation, repair or maintenance of equipment is done. When installing HVAC systems for commercial buildings, a custom sheet metal fabrication technique has to be used in order to match the old ductwork to the new one. Where the commercial building has its own metal fabrication sheets, installing the HVAC system becomes easier.

Additionally, because commercial buildings have unique temperature and humidity needs, they will need a special kind of ventilation technology to ensure the environment is supplied with clean air. Humidity needs are ardent, especially where the commercial HVAC services are on a marine setting. HVAC technicians are able to determine the design scheme required that will ensure optimum humidity is maintained inside the buildings.

When Commercial HVAC Servicing is Needed

Commercial settings like large pharmaceuticals or electronic manufacturing plants will need commercial HVAC servicing that provide a good balance between internal temperature and humidity. Large businesses like malls often go with rooftop HVAC system which provides a wide area with fresh air intake.

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