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How Humidity Affects Air Conditioning and Heating


Humidity plays a major role in home comfort throughout the year. Excessively high or low moisture levels may greatly increase the cost of operating an HVAC system. They can also create other problems, such as musty smells. Fortunately, sophisticated heating and cooling equipment features dehumidifiers and humidifiers that maximize comfort at an affordable cost.

How Humidity Affects Air Conditioning

During hot weather, humid air creates an unpleasant, muggy atmosphere. This makes it feel considerably warmer, and people become more likely to sweat without heavy exertion. Windows may get foggy and the air might seem musty or clammy. This situation could result in higher energy bills that fail to yield sufficient indoor comfort. It may also promote mold growth in extreme circumstances.

One of the main reasons that air conditioners work better than fans is that they extract humidity from the air. Unfortunately, many systems cannot adequately perform this task in very humid conditions. This problem may be exacerbated by an unnecessarily large air conditioner. The good news is that dehumidifiers can be integrated into HVAC systems in a way that reliably and automatically eliminates humidity.

How Humidity Affects Heating

The cooler months bring weather that often has the opposite effect. Low humidity makes buildings feel considerably colder. Many people react by turning up their thermostats and using large amounts of expensive fuel or electricity. If a room is very dry, occupants may also encounter frequent shocks from static electricity.

One technique to remedy this problem is to add a humidifier to a home’s HVAC equipment. It will make the heated air more humid before circulating it throughout the building. This ensures that indoor humidity levels remain higher than 50% and reduces heating expenses. Rooms feel considerably warmer. A benefit of this solution is that it automatically controls moisture levels to prevent excessive humidity.

The bottom line is that HVAC-integrated dehumidifiers and humidifiers can make buildings more comfortable and efficient while providing various fringe benefits.

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