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How to Determine Proper Air Conditioning Unit Size


When it comes to air conditioning systems, bigger isn’t always the better. Not only is buying an air conditioner with a higher capacity unnecessarily more costly upfront, it can also fail too quickly due to electric control failure.

To narrow your best options down and minimize your costs, use these tips when shopping around for air conditioners:

Know the Math

Find out the total square footage of your space and then multiply it by 25 British Thermal Units (BTUs) to determine the apt unit capacity. AC sizes are also referred to in “tons;” one ton is equivalent to 12,000 BTUs. Determining the ideal air-conditioning power of a unit based on room size won’t give you a definitive answer, but it’s a good estimate to start at.

Think About Heat Sources

Realize that the sun and home items can neutralize the cooling ability of your AC. The more sources of heat that your space is exposed to, the greater capacity you need from your equipment. Generally, shaded rooms have less air conditioning needs than sunny ones. In addition to appliances, traditional lights, and windows, people also generate heat.

Consider Future Home Improvements

Buy an air conditioning unit with the future in mind. It’s imperative to envision your cooling needs in the future after tackling certain home projects. For instance, passive solar heating can be less of a concern with high-performance windows. If you are planning to make significant improvements to your home down the road, include them in your decision-making.

Work With a Qualified Technician

To objectively figure out the right size of new your air conditioner, any experienced HVAC company would recommend performing a “Manual J” load calculation method. It involves a meticulous process that incorporates key factors into the equation.

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