How to Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality


Before you can know how to improve air quality, it is good to know what can ruin it. In this article, we encourage you to do the following things that will make you enjoy a better quality of air in your home.

1. Eliminate dust in your home

Regular dusting helps you reduce the level of animal dander, dust mites, and pollen in your home, but those aren’t the only way to rid your home of potential contaminants. Regular dusting will help to keep dust mites and other pollutants at bay, but to correctly dust-proof your home, be sure to use a cleaning cloth that grabs the dust (such as Swiffer brand products) so you aren’t just mixing the dust back into the air. Switching from thicker, cloth curtains to lighter curtains will also keep the fabric from attracting and storing so much dust.

2. Waterproof your premises

Any moisture in your home is a big risk. Left unchecked, moisture can encourage fungal growth. Additionally, mold can create spores that can become toxic when unattended.

Waterproofing involves checking leach fields, gutters, roofs, taps, piping and the entire plumbing works, flood vulnerability, and ventilation. Any trained technician can check your home for these problems areas, or even inspect for potential issues and advise you on how to correct them. Moisture from cooking and bathing can condense on the surface and encourage mold, so it’s important to keep your home well-ventilated while doing chores involving water, such as cooking or cleaning, and to use a fan in your bathroom when showering.

3. Clean your AC system

Air exchange from inside and outside the home or business relies on the AC system. If the system itself is clogged or the ducts are dusty, expect an uneven airflow, which can lead to low indoor air quality. Ensure that the filters are working properly by having your air ducts inspected and changing your air filters regularly.

4. Keep your HVAC system in pristine conditions

A well-maintained heating system will heat optimally and will not release toxic gases, such as carbon monoxide, into your home. Every winter, make sure you get a professional out to check your heating system to ensure your system is prepared for the winter overdrive. In the same vein, a professional should check your AC just before summer. Summer and winter are the highest usage times for your HVAC and will put the most strain on your unit if it’s not regularly maintained.

Your HVAC system is a principal determinant of the quality of the air you and your family breathe in the home. For many people, keeping their air quality in top conditions isn’t a priority in terms of home-upkeep. Most wait until some aspect of the system breaks down before calling in an expert.

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