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How to Reduce Your Monthly Bill on Your Commercial HVAC System


People whose electric bill gives them sticker shock every month should take a good look at their existing commercial HVAC system to see what improvements can be made in efficiency and performance. As many people know, heating and cooling systems can account for up to 40% of the electricity used in commercial buildings. In addition, the global effect of commercial energy consumption is a major concern. Whether you lease or own your building, you need lighting, power for office equipment, air conditioning, heating, and other services to stay in business. A good way to help the environment, while also saving money, is to improve the energy efficiency of your building. In the modern business environment, all businesses are charged with finding innovative ways of improving upon quality service while reducing or containing costs. MightyServ, a business that has been in operation for more than 51 years, is dedicated to identifying, designing, and implementing strategies aimed at providing local businesses with effective energy saving solutions.

How to Reduce Commercial HVAC Costs

Monitoring a building’s energy use is very important. This means checking and updating the building’s energy consumption on a regular basis to ensure that one is not wasting or using excessive energy. When assessing a building’s energy consumption, one should consider the following:

  • Adjusting the operational timing of a building can make a huge difference in the energy bill. E.g., it is unnecessary to cool or heat a building to levels that are optimal for comfort during non-business hours.
  • The energy efficiency designs that were incorporated into the building may need updating.
  • It may be necessary to utilize occupancy sensors designed to turn off unnecessary systems in unoccupied areas.

Other ways of reducing energy consumption in a commercial building are by maintaining the building’s steam trap system as required; hiring professionals to optimize the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system; checking the system controls for improper programming, outdated technology, and malfunctioning indicators; updating the fixtures with the most advanced technology; and replacing outdated units with high efficiency equipment.

It is also important to audit a commercial building’s energy efficiency. Business owners should hire a specialist or energy consultants to do a thorough assessment of the building’s energy efficiency and offer solutions for how to reduce energy use.


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