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How to Winterize Your Air Conditioner


Other than the usual functional reasons why you should consider winterizing your air conditioner, many homeowners do it because it helps to save some money in the long run. During the winter season, the only way you can protect your air conditioner is to winterize it. It is one way of ensuring that your air conditioner is prepared for the cold weather.

Winterizing your air conditioner technically means preparing it for the cold season ahead. There are several ways in which one can ensure that this is done properly. The first step always involves turning off the system by disconnecting the switch at the breaker panel. When you disconnect the switch, you will be guaranteeing your safety and the safety of the system. This is because the switch can accidentally turn on and cause water to seep into the unit and freeze or it could accidentally electrocute you.

In order to prepare your AC for the cold weather you will need a number of things. One of these items includes a garden hose, which will be used to remove any dirt, leaves, twigs, branches and any other debris that may have collect and got stuck to the compressor. Another item you will need is a tarp or a plastic cover that will be used to cover the compressor. However, before the compressor is covered, it is important to ensure that it is clean and dry. In fact, you ought to blow out the drain that comes out of the unit then leave it for a few hours for it to dry out properly so that it does not rust.

Now, use the tarp or plastic cover to cover the compressor and use bungee cords to secure it. The compressor should be entirely covered to protect it from any form of dirt. As much as the unit is made for the outdoor, you will need to prepare the AC for the cold weather by covering the compressor with a plastic cover. The bungee cord is used to ensure that the cover is not blown away.

Throughout the entire winter season, you will be required to monitor the conditioner to ensure that the compressor is securely covered by the plastic cover. Also it would be important to consider brushing off and removing the snow and ice that build up on the unit.

The process of winterizing the system to protect your AC regardless of weather conditions is essentially easy if the steps are followed properly. Once this is complete, your air conditioning system will be protected and you will be able to save money from the entire process. There is no better way of protecting your air conditioner during the winter and in the long run other than winterizing it.


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