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Indoor Air Quality a Rising Concern For Home Buyers


Many potential home buyers are actively looking to relocate in the spring and summer months, and this makes the warmer months of the year a very busy time for the real estate market. If you have decided to buy an existing home or build your dream home, indoor air quality is something that should be a priority. There are ways you can ensure that your future home is healthy and safe for all the members of your family by dealing with these concerns before you make a buying decision.

Indoor Air Concerns for New Home Buyers

When you decide to purchase a new home, you give yourself the best opportunity to ensure that your indoor air quality is healthy. During the past 10 years, home builders have noted that consumers have been asking for “green” building materials more often. They want to buy homes built with flooring, cabinet materials and other products that are environmentally sustainable and free from dangerous chemicals.

Bamboo is a popular choice for flooring, and it is an example of an environmentally friendly building product. Reclaimed oak, which is usually found locally, is another one, and is a better choice than traditional oak for flooring when sustainability is a primary concern.

Incorporating plenty of windows into a design allows for natural light to enter a space for the maximum amount of time during the day. Using tinted glass to keep the interior cool in the summer is another strategy that will help to lower the need for using electricity.

Builders that can provide consumers with attractive designs and still address their concerns about the health of their new home’s indoor air quality will be successful at selling their homes. Buyers are looking for a lifestyle, not simply a place with four walls and a ceiling, and they want to be able to make sure their family will be healthy and secure once they move in.

Indoor Air Concerns for Existing Home Buyers

To ensure that you and your family are buying a home that is not a source of organic threats, especially if someone in your household is prone to allergies, you’ll have to make sure that you do your due diligence. Have a home inspection conducted by a trained professional to specifically look for organic threats, such as mold.

You will also want to ensure that the home you are considering does not have formaldehyde or other toxic chemicals in the building materials. Recent press coverage has alerted the public to the hazards of chemicals contained in some brands of flooring, adhesives used in cabinets and particleboard furniture, as well as other types of building materials.

Having a home air test performed is the only way you can make certain that the air in an existing home is healthy before you buy it.

MightyServ can help to ensure that your next home has the healthy indoor air quality you are looking for. Contact us to schedule an appointment for a home air quality evaluation.


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