Should I Get My Home’s Air Ducts Cleaned?


In recent years, many companies have begun to offer air duct cleaning as a part of the overall cleaning program. This increased interest in duct cleaning brings up a simple question: is it beneficial to get a home’s air ducts cleaned?

The short answer is yes. Coastal areas like the San Fernando Valley have plenty of wind stirring up dust, dirt, and other debris. This paired with the fact that our hot weather puts a higher demand on HVAC systems makes clean, efficient operation very important. Here are several reasons why our clients have found it helpful to get their air ducts cleaned, and why you will too.

  • System efficiency: Dust in the air ducts will impede air flow and congest the air-handling unit, leading to excessive energy use and unnecessary wear on system components. Cleaning the ducts will reduce the resistance encountered by the system’s fan.
  • Occupant health: Dust is a notorious source of allergy problems. The dust itself and the mold that can grow in it can be very irritating to building occupants. Duct cleaning makes the home healthier.
  • Home cleanliness: If you’ve ever thought that your home was getting dusty unusually quickly after you cleaned, you probably have dust buildup in your ductwork. Your HVAC system is blowing dust as you clean, so a duct cleaning will reduce your effort and cost in cleaning.

There’s no question that air duct cleaning can be beneficial to your home and your family. Contact MightyServ for duct cleaning or any other repairs and service you may need. We’ll help you get your system in shape to keep your family clean, comfortable, and healthy, all with the best service in the San Fernando Valley area.


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