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Lack of Maintenance Can Cause Furnace Problems


When the fall season approaches, most homeowners turn their attention to maintenance and repairs that may have been put off over the summer months. One of the most important tasks to complete before the cold winter months arrive is making sure the heating system, beginning with the furnace, is in excellent condition and ready to keep your family warm. Although any one of the many components to a heating system may need repairs, following are five of the most common problems that need to be addressed.

1. Lack of Maintenance

If maintenance on any furnace is neglected, it may cause a breakdown just when heat is most needed. Unfortunately, this often happens during the coldest of winter nights, when the furnace has to work the hardest. Even if your furnace does not actually quit working, it may cost more in wasted fuel if it is not properly maintained.

2. Ignition Control or Pilot Light Problems

If the ignition control component or the pilot light system is malfunctioning, the result may be sporadic heat or no heat at all at times.

3. Filters Clogged or Dirty

If the filters are clogged, the result will be a restricted air flow, causing the furnace to stop running or to put out much less heat than needed.

4. Air Flow Problems

Bearings, belts and fan motors can develop problems, resulting in poor heating control or even causing dangerous overheating of the furnace.

5. Thermostat Malfunctions

If the thermostat malfunctions, the fan or blowers may not work well, and the furnace would be unable to maintain a steady temperature as required. This would cause the home to be uncomfortable, as it would be too hot or too cold at intervals.

All furnaces and heating systems should have regular yearly check-ups, as a lack of maintenance may cause a sudden malfunction when least expected. Attempting to save money by not having a heating system serviced is always a mistake. When problems are not detected and corrected early, the result may be a larger than necessary expense. Do not delay. Call or fill out this form to contact your local HVAC contractor MightyServ today for heating system service.


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