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Learn about furnace filters


Knowing how your furnace filter works can help you identify problems with your HVAC system before things get worse. This knowledge can increase the life span of your appliances, since you know the measures you need to take to maintain your furnace.

Furnaces Have Filters Too

Just like an air conditioning system, furnaces also have filters. Anything that manages the air in your home or office needs a filter. Otherwise, the debris and dirt in the air will damage the HVAC system and you won’t be able to get the most out of your equipment.

Furnace filters usually sift the air to remove debris and large particles so that clean air travels through the heating and cooling process of the system.

HVAC experts at MightyServ have compiled the most important things homeowners have to know about their furnace.

Read about them below:

1. Your filter needs to be checked and cleaned once a month. Depending on your air quality at home and the type of HVAC system you’ve installed, you may have to replace it sooner. As a rule, the thickness of the filter can also indicate how often you need to clean or change it:

  • 1″ Furnace Filter: 1 – 3 Months
  • 2″ Furnace Filter: 1 – 3 Months
  • 3″ Furnace Filter: 6 – 9 Months
  • 4″ Furnace Filter: 6 – 9 Months
  • 5″ Furnace Filter: 9 – 12 Months
  • 6″ Furnace Filter: 9 – 12 Months

2. MERV ratings are used to give grades to filters. MERV means Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, and shows how effective a certain filter is at actually removing dust, particles, and other debris in the air. The MERV for home filters is usually 8-13, so it’s good to ask for the rating. Anything above 13 is too fine, and may even block the air in your home.

3. Even if it hasn’t been a month since your replacement, if you’ve found that your filter has gray buildup on the surface, it’s time to change it. The air may have been exceptionally dirty that month because you vacuumed less or a dusty season has come in.

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