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Los Angeles Has Banned New Gas Hookups. What About MightyServ?  


Los Angeles’ City Council has voted to ban natural gas lines as part of a zero-emissions goal for new construction. New York City passed similar legislation in December 2021. In Washington State, dozens of municipalities are voting to ban or limit natural gas hookups. So, what does that mean for residents in MightyServ and the surrounding cities?

You may use natural gas for cooking, heating your home, or running gas-powered appliances. Many find it more economical than electric or alternative fuel sources. However, there is currently a movement among major cities to discourage or outright ban the use of new hookups for natural gas. Why? It’s part of a national movement to reduce fossil fuel emissions and institute cleaner energy sources.

Looking for Greener Heater Replacement Choices?

If you are looking for an eco-friendly heater replacement for your home, reach out to MightyServ to discuss planet-wise HVAC installation alternatives. While authorities in MightyServ haven’t announced any planned changes to local regulations, savvy homeowners are looking for a way to stay ahead of the curve.

Climate change experts point to oil and gas furnaces as major contributors to greenhouse gasses. Nearly half of American homes have gas appliances, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. However, given the impact of carbon emissions on the environment, this trend could change in the future.

While you shouldn’t have any problems with your current gas hookup, you might want to consider switching to a more sustainable heating source if you ever have to replace it.

Not All States Embrace the Move Away From Natural Gas

There is still much debate among the states over how to treat zero emission building codes. At least 20 states have made it illegal for local governments to pass laws banning new fossil fuel-powered furnace installations. Presumably, that would also apply to any furnace replacement.

What’s the Alternative?

Carbon-neutral sources account for 40% of U.S. electricity. Wind, solar, nuclear, and hydroelectric power harnessed by power companies are making electricity more attractive and affordable as a heat source. With current gas and oil prices on a meteoric rise, alternative energy sources may become more attractive from a financial perspective as well as an environmental one.

Heat pumps use electricity, operate efficiently, and provide both heating and cooling. Many homeowners find heat pumps are the ideal solution; they efficiently maintain home comfort year-round with a minimal impact on the planet.

MightyServ remains committed to finding economical and environmentally sound alternatives for HVAC replacements and installations in MightyServ and surrounding cities. We provide comprehensive HVAC services, including gas alternatives for furnace installation and all types of HVAC equipment.

That is why all of our expert air conditioner repair technicians are highly trained and certified by BPI, Carrier®, and NATE – so they can provide you with the gold standard in HVAC service quality.

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