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Myths and facts about carbon monoxide


Carbon Monoxide is a gas that can potentially be deadly. However, there is a lot of misinformation about carbon monoxide. The best way to protect your family is to know what information is myth, and what is fact. We here at MightyServ are committed to not only customer satisfaction, but helping to keep your family safe.

Here is a list of some of the myths and facts about carbon monoxide:

Myth: You Can Smell And Taste Carbon Monoxide

Fact: Carbon monoxide does not have a color, odor or taste. People can smell the byproducts of the burning fuel, but they will not smell the carbon monoxide itself.

Myth: Carbon Monoxide Can Only Exist If Something Like A Heating Appliance or Fireplace Is Burning Fuel

Fact: The air we breathe has carbon monoxide. The body needs a certain amount of carbon monoxide. It can also process carbon monoxide we do not need.

Myth: Carbon Monoxide Should Be Maintained And Installed Like Smoke Alarms

Fact: Smoke rises, but the weight of carbon monoxide is about the same as the air we breathe. That is why carbon monoxide detectors can be installed at floor level, but smoke detectors have to be installed on the ceiling. However, carbon monoxide detectors should be tested and vacuumed at least once a month like smoke alarms. They should also be replaced after eight to 10 years.

Myth: Carbon Monoxide Detectors Are Known For Giving False Alarms

Fact: The early carbon monoxide detectors were sensitive and would go off even when there was no danger present. However, most of the older carbon monoxide detectors have been replaced with newer ones. The detectors will go off if the carbon monoxide level has been dangerously high for an extended period of time.

Myth: Carbon Monoxide Emergencies And Fire Emergencies Should Be Handled The Same Way

Fact: Fires have a tendency to happen very quickly. In fact, a fire can double in size in less than 30 seconds. Carbon monoxide emergencies can happen quickly, but they usually occur as the result of something that happens over time, such as the a leak in the flue. Smoke alarms will go off as soon as smoke is detected. However, carbon monoxide detectors will only go off when the CO reaches a dangerous level.

Myth: If There Is Carbon Monoxide In My Home, I will Know

Fact: Many people are not able to tell. However, you may experience flu-like symptoms if you have carbon monoxide poisoning.

It is important to separate the myths from the facts about carbon monoxide. Because carbon monoxide buildup can be caused by a heating appliance, it is important to get it checked regularly. MightyServ Heating And Air Conditioning will be happy to inspect your unit.

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