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Options for Computer Room Cooling Systems


As businesses grow, their IT requirements grow with them, and soon require a separate room. Computing produces heat, and overheating from numbers of computers in a small space can soon lead to damaged equipment, data loss and company downtime. Businesses are increasingly realizing the necessity of investing in computer room cooling systems, and there are various options for doing this without breaking the bank.

First of all, it is important to recognize that the cooling equipment used in these areas has to be equipment designed specifically for computers. Air conditioning systems designed for humans will be largely ineffective, as well as adding greatly to operating costs. In addition, what is particularly important is that the equipment should include precision temperature and humidity controls. If the temperature is too high, the equipment will malfunction, and its life will be shortened, while if humidity is not controlled, the equipment is likely to suffer damage due to electrostatic charge, or from condensation.

Many businesses are finding that the perfect solution can be provided by computer ductless split systems, which, as they require no duct system, are simple and cost-effective to install. One big benefit of these systems is their flexibility, which means that as your computer center expands in size, the system can expand with it. This is because the condensing units can operate multiple air-handling units, which can be distributed across several rooms or zones.

The condensing units of the computer ductless split systems are usually located outside the building, and are connected to the air-handlers through a small hole of no more than 3 inches in diameter. The air-handling units can hang on the wall or be attached to a window, and provide the housing for the fan. These units can be controlled remotely, or be programmed manually.

Another successful solution is the use of specialty under-floor cooling systems. These usually operate by using cold water to cool the air under the floor, and dispensing it upwards through an elevated floor. For this to work best, the computers are arranged in hot air/cold air aisles, so that the cold air is driven into the cold aisle where the computers are facing inwards, and exits through the backs of the computer racks into the hot aisle, where it is cycled back into the CRAC intakes above the floor.

Nowadays, small businesses are finding that their servers are running greater loads, for longer periods, than ever before. This can potentially create a serious problem of excessive heat, and consequent computer malfunction and downtime. Installing the right kind of computer room cooling systems is vital for the success of the business, and the investment can soon pay for itself in longer-lasting equipment and increased productivity.


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