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Reasons to Replace Your Attic Insulation


Attic insulation replacement is vital in older homes, as insulation wears with age. Failure to replace it directly impacts energy consumption both in winter and summer months. It could easily result in a cold home in winter, and an uncomfortably hot home in summer.

There are some indications that your home needs new attic insulation, such as higher utility bills, among others:

  • A well-insulated home will regulate temperatures year round, reducing monthly energy bills.
  • Worn insulation results in inconsistent room temperatures.
  • The hands-on approach of testing the quality of the insulation will determine if it needs replacing. Wear a glove and touch the insulation, noting its condition. Crumbling insulation is a sure sign that it requires replacing.
  • A previous pest infestation is good enough reason to replace the attic insulation.
  • A leaky roof. If the insulation were not properly dried as a result of a leak in the roof, it could develop mold, which will require replacement. Mold can be extremely dangerous to people and is linked to numerous health risks.

DIY or Professional Installation?

In a day where DIY projects are all the rage, there are some that are best left to professionals. Professional insulation installers will properly and consistently lay insulation for a seamless application. Homeowners may also find themselves taking on more than they bargained for when tackling such a project themselves, as with trying to install insulation in difficult and tight spots. The quality of the insulation plays a huge role in future energy savings, but is limited to the quality of the installation.

When is The Best Time to Replace Attic Insulation?

An attic insulation replacement project is best to begin prior to the following season of extreme temperatures. Such action will allow homeowners to start reaping the rewards almost immediately. They will witness the savings as soon as their next utility bill arrives.


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