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Refrigerant Leaks and Health Issues


The chemical component Refrigerant is used in several ways in industrial manufacturing. Notwithstanding, its’ large scale use highlights some important issues about the health of humans. Refrigerant is a brand name encompassing a range of chemical elements, otherwise referred to as chlorofluorocarbons. This name reflects the fact that these elements include hydrogen, carbon, fluorine and chlorine.

The Refrigerant group’s most significant parts are Refrigerant Twenty-two, Refrigerant Twelve and Refrigerant Eleven. Typically, Refrigerant takes the form of a colorless, non-flammable gas or liquid. Primarily, it is used for making fluorocarbon resins and lubricants, and for refrigeration. Also, it is used as an aerosol propellant solvent. While it has multiple uses, in some circumstances, Refrigerant may pose a threat to human beings.

How Exposure to Refrigerant Impacts Animals and Children

Refrigerant remains near to the surface of the earth, because it is three to four times the weight of air. Consequently, those who are nearer to the floor or ground are more likely to breathe in the chemical. Pets and children (especially dogs, due to their heightened sensitivity) are far more vulnerable to the chemical’s effects. If you become aware of Refrigerant leaks in your property, open all doors and windows straightaway, and consider using fans. Contact a technician to fix the leaking equipment and leave the property, with your pets and children, until the problem is sorted.

How Exposure to Refrigerant Impacts the Human Body

Remember that, if you experience Refrigerant exposure in the workplace, the chemical might be harmful to your body. Therefore, you should have a checkup once every twelve months. Most of the time, you will have been exposed to small amounts of Refrigerant (for instance, in the event of an air conditioner or refrigerator leak). Nonetheless, if you have suffered from a heart condition, you ought to be extremely cautious with Refrigerant. Sometimes, this chemical causes conditions like cardiac arrhythmia.

Thankfully, Refrigerant does not have a long term effect on health. This chemical does not damage the liver, and it is not a teratogen, carcinogen or mutagen.

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