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Regular Commercial HVAC Maintenance Saves Money


Timely and regular preventative maintenance of any machine will protect it from unnecessary wear and tear that may prove costly in the long run. HVAC systems are an integral part of any office or business. They keep us fresh and provide comfortable atmosphere to work in. These systems are also subjected to a lot of stress when they work. Hence, it is vital that these systems are properly serviced and maintained at regular intervals to avoid excessive damage to their parts which also leads to improvement in the overall efficiency.

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Avoid Costly Electric Bills For Your Business

An efficient and properly working HVAC system will also consume less electricity meaning you will have to pay less towards energy charges. When regular maintenance is avoided or is neglected, small problems in the system may creep and become huge — leading to unexpected shutdowns and costly repairs. It is suggested that HVAC systems are at least inspected twice a year so that their efficiency can be restored and any maintenance due can be performed.

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What’s Included in a Preventative Maintenance Visit?

During maintenance, a technician will check the system for loose electrical connections and possible thermostat failures. They will also clean condenser coils and lubricate the moving parts for efficient operation of the system. There are also some filters installed in the system that need to be cleaned. On an average, regular maintenance performed on your commercial HVAC system will improve its energy efficiency by 30% and reduce its repair costs by 40%. Furthermore, it will also improve the lifespan of the system by 30%. These benefits comes by way of timely and scheduled maintenance which might seem to cost you a little but will give you maximum returns if considered overall.


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