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Save Money With Summer Cooling Tips


Many people know that keeping their home cool will be much more effective if they follow some simple summer cooling tips. Of course, some of the best tips will not only help keep your cooling equipment functioning at its best, but they can actually help lower expensive cooling bills in the process. For example, ceiling fans can help keep you feeling cooler, but they are also a great way to save on energy costs.

One of the most effective tips to stay cool in summer months is to make sure that you keep your air filter clean. Most HVAC professionals recommend changing the filter at least once every three months; however, you should check your filter every month to see if it needs more frequent changing. An air conditioner with a dirty filter will not be able to provide sufficient cooling to keep you comfortable, especially when the temperatures start to climb.

Other great cooling tips for your home include shutting blinds and shades in order to keep indoor temperatures from getting too hot and to planting shrubs or trees that will provide some shade for your outdoor unit. The more you can do to help ensure your air conditioner does not have to work too hard, the better the performance you will get and the lower your monthly cooling bills will be. When you shut drapes, shades or blinds, you can block the heat of the sun from making your home become excessively hot. It will be hard for your air conditioner to cool a home that is too hot. Additionally, keeping the outdoor unit as cool and shaded as possible will help provide more efficient cooling.

Implementing some great house cooling tips can help ensure you get the most efficient cooling possible; however, it is also important that your air conditioner is serviced on an annual basis. Prior to the beginning of each cooling season, a professional HVAC technician should perform maintenance on your air conditioner. This maintenance will not only ensure optimal performance, but you will help protect your equipment from breakdowns and a shortened life span. Give your HVAC professional a call today and schedule your air conditioning maintenance.


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