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Myths About Commercial HVAC Companies


There are various misconceptions that some people hold about heating and cooling companies. Such include the assumption that a large commercial HVAC company would provide better services and is therefore better. Those who’ve had sour experiences with larger firms will know that this isn’t necessarily true. However, it may be difficult for one to understand why. There are also other things that need to be noted.

The Bigger The Company; the Better The Service

One may be tempted into thinking that big companies do everything right. This could be due to the idea advertised by such firms that they offer better service because they have more technicians. This means more hands on the clients’ equipment.

Typically, expertise about HVAC systems doesn’t flow freely in larger firms. The best firms are those that offer the same service each time they handle a client’s equipment, regardless of their company size. This means that an experienced professional assumes long-term personal responsibility for the particular unit.

All Commercial HVAC Companies Perform Tune Ups The Same Way

Most firms view a tune-up as an opportunity to look for other issues to address as they replace the filter, so that they can bill the client more. The key is finding a firm that views tune-up as precautionary maintenance, which means proactively dealing with issues before they can happen. Though this may cost more in the short term, it will be worthwhile as time goes by.

All Commercial HVAC Firms Generate Income Similarly

A typical HVAC company makes most of its money on replacements and repairs, with maintenance being a supplementary source. A good idea is to find a firm whose structure is different. A company whose business model is focused on profitable maintenance calls will actually need its maintenance to work. As such, it would make sense if the client’s equipment is maintained often.

New Equipment Doesn’t Need Maintenance

Every manufacturer asserts that maintenance is necessary to preserve the equipment’s warranty. If the client fails to schedule maintenance properly and some parts fail within the warranty period, they’ll end up paying for replacements and labor to fix the unit. Proper maintenance could also extend the unit’s life by about 30%.

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