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Smart Ways to Retain Heat During Winter


During the colder months, most people tend to spend more time indoors and turn up their heating systems. Because of this, utility costs can soar and many people might be paying more than necessary. The good news is, it is never too late to make a few changes in your home so you can improve your comfort levels and save money.

Here are some of our top recommendations.

Air Conditioning and Heating Tips

While you will need professional service every now and then to keep your heating and air conditioning units in the best condition, there are other ways to warm up your home. These simple and inexpensive solutions not only contribute to energy efficiency but also let you maximize heat in your living space.

  • Take Advantage of Your Curtains. Even on cold days, the sun can still bring warmth. Leave your curtains open during the day to capture as much as of the free heat. Once the night settles in, shut your drapes. This provides an extra layer of insulation to prevent warm air from escaping your home. Your windows should not have leaks or gaps so the heat stays in and drafts stay out.
  • Install a Programmable Thermostat. Instead of manually adjusting your thermostat every time you leave your home, it is more practical to install a programmable thermostat to do the job. This allows you to set your preferred temperature during different times of the day because you don’t need to keep your home heated all the time. Setting it lower while you are sleeping and higher at other times can save up to 20% on your utility bills.
  • Arrange Your Furniture. If there is any furniture blocking the vents, move it. The same goes for your curtains or drying clothes. This ensures that every room of your home is getting the most out of your heating system.
  • Close Doors. When you spend a lot of time in certain areas of your home, closing the doors can do wonders. If you have an office, for instance, you can leave the heater on and shut the door at night, so when you use the room in the morning, it will stay warm and cozy. For open spaces, consider using room dividers to limit energy loss.

Turn to Us for Quality Heating and Air Conditioning Service

When you are having troubles with your heating or air conditioning system, MightyServ can help. We are trained on all kinds of units, whatever the brand. With our vast experience and breadth of knowledge, we can diagnose and resolve problems quickly and efficiently. We can also provide you with advice to make sure that your home is getting its max heat potential. Finally, in case of an HVAC breakdown, we offer 24/7 emergency services to keep your home comfortable throughout the season.

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