Stephen King Brings the Heat to Bangor


Residents of Bangor, a working class neighborhood in Maine, often struggle to stay warm during the wintertime with the extremely cold weather. Many of the elderly, poor, and disabled residents are unable to afford the high cost of heating and are forced to suffer in the unforgiving elements.

This year could prove to be different, thanks to Stephen King, the well-known author and part-time resident of the town, who has vowed to bring an end to the injustice. Stephen and his wife Tabitha plan, with the backing of their Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation, to donate half of the cost with the other portion coming from generous residents of the community.

The lack of heating has been magnified due to the recent Low Income Federal Energy Assistance Program cuts. Stephen King initially planned on working in conjunction with three radio stations in the hopes of raising at least $140,000. With a good Samaritan anonymous donor call and a request for King to match an additional $50,000, the total amount raised for the Help Keep ME Warm This Winter campaign totaled a whopping $241,840.

A lack of heating isn’t a widely talked about dilemma, nor are the energy assistance programs out there, but it’s a worthy cause and one that can bring comfort to many.


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