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Summer energy-saving tips


Summer is back, and your electric bills are likely to go up during this time of year. However, your energy costs shouldn’t get out of hand just because the sun is at its most intense moments. If you plan ahead, you can keep your electric consumption to a minimum without sacrificing comfort.

For starters, use these tips:

Upgrade to an ENERGY STAR®-Certified Air Conditioning System

If your current heating and air conditioning system doesn’t have the ENERGY STAR seal, now is the time to get one that does. Your purchase might set you back a few dollars, but it would certainly pay for itself. According to ENERGY STAR, having an energy-efficient unit could save you nearly $120 every year. Instead of paying for higher electric bills monthly and spending more on maintenance, replacing your inefficient unit with an ENERGY STAR-certified product makes financial sense.

Schedule Routine Checkups

If your cooling equipment already bears the ENERGY STAR label, you can still improve its performance by addressing minor inefficiencies at their infancy. Working with an experienced HVAC specialist to give your AC the care it needs is a mark of a responsible owner.

Switch to a Programmable Thermostat

Compared to manually controlled ACs, units equipped with Wi-Fi thermostats regulate indoor climate more efficiently. Programmable controls help you maintain the perfect temperature throughout different zones in your home. In many cases, aging ACs find a new lease on life in advanced thermostats.

Ensure Adequate Attic Insulation

An under-insulated or uninsulated attic is an energy drain. Considering that insulation provides a buffer against extreme, outdoor heat, your AC would have to work harder if the underside of your roof lacks proper insulation. As an important step in giving your home a complete thermal enclosure system, insulating your attic prevents wasting energy during the summer.

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