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HVAC Supply Chain Issues

Supply Chain Issues in the HVAC Industry


Chances are, you know the frustration of having to wait exceptionally long for a package to be delivered. But imagine waiting for your HVAC replacement to arrive so that you can finally feel comfortable in your own home once again. 

Unfortunately, this is the case for many homeowners due to the backlogs and supply shortages occurring around the world. Some customers are forced to wait weeks for their AC installation, increasing discomfort and feelings of frustration.

If you need an AC replacement or furnace installation, don’t hesitate. Begin to shop early and place your order before it becomes an unbearable situation. But you may be asking … what is causing these shortages? As it turns out, it’s a combination of several supply chain problems.

Keep reading about what is causing the deficit and what you can do to reduce the impact it has on you and your comfort.

What’s Causing the HVAC Supply Chain Issues? 

Obviously, the COVID-19 pandemic affected many things, including multiple supply chains. Transportation restrictions created logistical nightmares that limited access to workers and the flow of additional resources. 

As a result, production has declined, materials aren’t readily available, and each level of the supply chain continues to struggle. But COVID-19 isn’t the only factor in the struggle for necessary supplies. 


Several recent events have contributed to the availability of a crucial component of air conditioning units: the semiconductor. Texas was hit with uncharacteristic snow storms, and a Japanese business that produces semiconductors caught fire in the spring of 2021.

Raw Materials 

Copper, steel, aluminum, and plastic are raw materials necessary to fabricate some components of HVAC equipment and associated parts. In early 2021, the Suez Canal blockage delayed over 10 percent of global trade for almost a week. This hindered the process of delivering these materials and trickled down to the consumers.

Increased Demand    

The demand for HVAC installation always increases during the summer. However, the market has seen an excessive push for new AC units with more people continuing to work from home and surprising heat waves. 

The high volume of requests for repairs and upgrades has increased the strain on the already stressed system. As such, consumers’ demands are not getting met worldwide.

Labor Shortages 

Even though many industries have operated at full scale for over a year, they still face labor shortages compared to the increased demand. On top of that, HVAC technicians complete extensive training that takes time. This education ensures they provide reliable, efficient services.

In the end, most supply chain issues are temporary. There are many unpredictable factors to consider, so it’s tough to predict when they will return to “normal.” Eventually, production lines will return to standard distribution levels.

How You Can Help Reduce the Impact of the Supply Chain Shortage 

If you are actively looking for an HVAC replacement or taking a proactive approach and searching early, you can take a few steps to minimize the impact of HVAC product shortages. 

Schedule Routine Maintenance 

Preventive HVAC maintenance appointments are one of the best ways to keep your current system in top-notch condition. Technicians ensure every part remains in good condition, making your system last longer and perform better.   

Learn the Signs of Failing Equipment 

An unexpected breakdown leaves you stuck in the heat (or cold) while you wait for replacement parts. But your HVAC system often gives clues that it is breaking down, like loud noises or an increased energy bill. 

If you notice these signs, contact MightyServ immediately. It could save you from paying for a more extensive repair and extended wait for back-ordered parts.   

Shop Early 

If you were waiting for the perfect time to purchase your new heating and cooling system, it’s now. Place your order early, and it will arrive before your current system malfunctions.

Try Something New 

Consider an alternative if the make or model you want is unavailable due to supply chain issues. You may find something you like better or that saves you more money.  We have several models in inventory to choose from.

We do our best to keep your AC units up and running while delivering exceptional customer service, even with the current supply chain issues. If you are interested in learning more about our services or want to schedule a repair or replacement, give MightyServ a call today!  


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