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Surge Protectors and HVAC: What You Need to Know


Power surges are the biggest threat to electrical appliances. If there are no protective systems to protect a device from voltage spikes, its circuit will be fried during a power surge, making the device useless. This is the reason why homeowners often spend a lot of money on surge protectors. Unfortunately, many of these homeowners forget to protect their HVAC systems against power surges. This can be a costly mistake considering the cost of procuring and installing HVAC systems. Read on to learn more about HVAC surge protectors.

The Importance of Surge Protection in HVAC Systems

A few decades ago, HVAC systems had very few parts that could be damaged by power surges. Modern HVAC systems, however, contain printed circuit boards and electronic components that are susceptible to the destructive power of voltage spikes. A power surge can either cause minor damage that may not have an immediate effect on the performance of the system, or serious damage that will lead to complete system failure.

Common Causes of Power Surges

There are three common causes of power surges. The first is lightning strikes on power lines, which will inject millions of volts into the grid. The second is irregularities in the power generation and transmission processes. These two are external causes. The third possible cause of a power surge emanates from the building. When heavy electrical loads are shut down, the electrical energy is re-routed to other appliances that may be connected to the power supply system of the home. This will cause a power surge in the home’s power supply system. Ideally, surge protectors should protect appliances from power surges, whether internal or external.

HVAC Surge Protection

To protect the entire home from power surges, a whole-home power surge protector should be installed near the main breaker box. This is meant to protect the whole house from external sources of power surges. Since power surges may also emanate inside the house, each power outlet that supplies power to the HVAC system should be fitted with individual surge protectors. Ideally, each electrical outlet in the house should have a surge protector.

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