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Temperature Control: How Your Temperature Settings Affect Your Heating Unit


Here is a little-known fact about heating systems: temperature control impacts more than just your comfort. It can affect the long-term performance of your heating system too! 

This is true for any appliance or machine. For example, you can run a car ragged by making a regular habit of driving fast, braking harshly, and speeding up quickly. Cars that get this kind of beating don’t last as long – and require many more repairs – than vehicles treated with care.

Similarly, how you control your heater or furnace impacts the health of your home comfort system. You can take it easier on your heating unit by keeping a few things in mind. In this blog you’ll find our tips for temperature control and how these simple acts of HVAC kindness will affect your heating unit. 

Find Comfort at Lower Temperatures

During the winter months, the lower you can stand your home temperature, the better it is. You will save money on your heating bill during our colder Los Angeles months by just bumping the temperature down a few degrees. 

If you are the type of person who runs cold – don’t fret! You’ll be surprised how little of a difference one or two degrees makes. Invest in a cozy sweater and some warm socks! Everyone loves a good dose of hygge – especially in the winter.

Meanwhile, your heater won’t need to run as frequently or for as long. That saves you money on your utility bills, plus the reduced wear and tear on your equipment. So, if you and your family are comfortable at lower temperatures, there’s no need to go any higher.

Be Aware Of High Temperatures

There is nothing better than walking around your house barefoot during the winter months. That level of comfort feels so good! But beware: when you set your thermostat to a higher temperature during the winter, it means your heating unit is operating longer to maintain that temperature. This is especially true if your home is not winterized

When it’s freezing outside (freezing is a relative term here in SoCal) and your temperature control has a high setpoint, your heating system will run on overtime. This can wreak havoc on your heating unit itself. The more it has to work to maintain that temperature, the more stress it is putting on the unit itself.

Getting Away and Coming Home From A Trip

Do you set back your thermostat when you go away on a trip? If so, you’re on the right track. You can set back your thermostat by at least 10 degrees while you’re away – saving you on energy bills and eliminating the unnecessary wear on your system. 

But when you return – don’t crank up the thermostat way past your desired temperature. Heaters don’t work harder to reach a higher setpoint. It will just operate longer. Doing this results in a lot of wasted energy, wasted money, and an unnecessarily hot house! 

Set your thermostat to normal temperatures and let it rise. You can use your smart thermostat to change the temperature a few hours before you arrive home. Otherwise, bundle up upon your return. It will come back to the right temperature, slowly and carefully.

Take Care in Your Temperature Control for your LA Heating System

Your heater settings have a lot to do with the use (and abuse!) your heating system takes. By paying attention to your settings and setting it at the lowest temperature you can handle, you will save yourself time and money on your heating unit. Be sure to schedule annual maintenance so you can avoid any mid-winter emergencies. Call us anytime to schedule!


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