The Differences Between Heat Pumps and Air Conditioners


When installing a new HVAC system in your home, you will be faced with a decision of whether to select a heat pump or an air conditioner. While they are both designed to keep your home comfortable, they differ in terms of function; even their repair procedure is different.

To help you make an informed decision, here is a rundown of their main differences.

Key Distinctions Between Heat Pumps and Air Conditioners

While a heat pump and an air conditioner share similar components, the way they perform is quite different. Here are some factors that distinguish the two:

  • Use. A heat pump provides both heating and cooling. It expels warm air out of your home during summer and it brings outdoor heat inside during winter. An air conditioner, on the other hand, can only cool your home.
  • Operation. Both systems follow the same principles to condition your home’s temperatures. They use refrigerants to facilitate a process of heat exchange. A heat pump, however, uses a reversing valve built into a compressor to transfer outdoor heat inside your home and increase its temperature. A traditional air conditioner, on the other hand, relies on electric-resistant heat strips within the air handler to produce warm air. It may also need to be paired with a furnace for total climate control.

Heat Pump vs. Air Conditioner: Which Is the Right One for Me?

Choosing between a heat pump and an air conditioner depends on several factors, with climate as the most important. If you live in an area experiencing a cold climate, for instance, a heat pump is not a great choice. This is because when the temperature drops, the unit will work harder than necessary to uphold your preferred comfort level. In turn, you end up with higher energy bills. In this case, an air conditioner with supplemental heat will serve better.

The size of your home is also another consideration. Unless you already have a heating system in place, an air conditioner might not be ideal if you live in an old or small home because you need to look for extra space to accommodate a new furnace. Meanwhile, a heat pump provides an all-in-one solution.

The energy efficiency of a heat pump and an air conditioner are just the same when you select the one that meets your unique requirements. Work only with a reputable HVAC contractor to help you qualify for rebates. In addition, you should also invest in routine maintenance so you can enjoy long-term benefits.

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