The Importance of Changing Your Air Filter


With so many household chores to complete, many people overlook important HVAC maintenance tasks. One crucial objective is to perform an air filter change three to four times per year. Three-inch or smaller filters should be replaced after 90 days; larger units need to be changed every four months. This type of heating and cooling system maintenance can prevent health problems, enhance comfort, reduce air pollution and cut operating costs.

Changing Your Air Filter Enhances Energy Efficiency

Compared to new filters, grimy units make it considerably harder for air to move through the system. They have the potential to raise fuel or electric power consumption by as much as 15 percent. For example, a dirty air filter could boost a home’s annual cooling costs from $900 to $1,035. Keep in mind that some types of new HVAC filters operate more efficiently than others.

Promote System Reliability & Performance

The added energy costs associated with a clogged filter are often minimal compared to the repair bills. It may begin to cause mechanical problems after excessive amounts of dirt accumulate on coils or motors. This results in costly service calls, repair work and part replacements. Another problem is that it may force occupants to go without heat or cool air until the HVAC equipment can be fixed and the filter replaced.

Improve Indoor Air Quality by Changing Your Filter Regularly

Without an air filter change, a heating or cooling system may carry dander, pollutants, mold spores, mites and other contaminants throughout the building. This can harm occupants’ respiratory health, exacerbate asthma and bring about allergic reactions. Reduced efficiency and reliability may also make the home less comfortable or increase the cost of maintaining acceptable conditions. Furthermore, a greater risk of system breakdowns could result in extreme indoor temperatures that compromise safety.

MightyServ can help keep your HVAC system running reliably and efficiently. The staff carefully replaces filters, performs air quality evaluations, supplies air purifiers and conducts equipment repairs. Our company possesses over five decades of experience in this field. To get the most out of your heating and cooling equipment, please call   (818) 348-4768   to schedule an HVAC maintenance appointment today!


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