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The top hvac resources for new homeowners


It’s hard enough being a new homeowner and adapting to your new neighborhood (or state!) plus figuring out which light switch controls what. The plumbing, electrical, and structural issues are now YOUR problem, not your landlord’s or your dad’s…

On top of all of that, you’re probably exhausted from moving all your junk, cleaning the place, painting, and dealing with 150,000 address change forms, right? We get it.

It’s not in our wheelhouse to tell you how to organize your spoons and forks (third drawer from the left) or how to landscape that awkward patch of your backyard (pea gravel!) but we DO know HVAC. In addition to perusing our blog – oh, and welcome by the way! – we thought we’d grab a few other resources to help you out!

We’re not affiliated with any of these resource providers, but we did find the following articles, PDFs and other resources SUPER helpful and we hope you will, too!

Let us know in the comments or on Twitter what you thought of this list & add yours!

General HVAC Resources

  1. The 4 Most Important HVAC Basics from Amerifirst
    This article is great. It includes an outline of the top components of any heating & cooling system, so you can feel familiar with what you’re looking at. This resource also goes over the common signs of trouble for your system and help for deciding when to call your local MightyServ professional!
  1. This HVAC Dictionary from CleanAlert
    What does BTU stand for? What the heck is refrigerant and why do I care? Do I have a Packaged system? What’s a SEER rating? This article has ALL the must-know basics.
  2. This Info on HVAC Warranty Transfer from Angie’s List
    You just bought your house with an existing, under-warranty HVAC system. Did that warranty transfer ownership? Only if you’ve followed the steps outlined here!
  3. This HVAC System Maintenance Checklist from Houselogic
    This is the ultimate maintenance list – not only for what you should hire us to do, but also that list of things you can DIY to make your air cleaner, your system healthier, and your bills lower!
  4. The Ultimate HVAC Guide from Coldwell Banker
    This article will help you better understand the systems you have now, what might be right for you if you’re switching things up or upgrading, as well as the value of maintenance. NICE!

Air Quality Resources

  1. The Top Ten AQ Tips from, the authority on sustainability in the HVAC industry
    We chose this resources because it includes a brilliant & shareable PDF! Tips include choosing a reliable air cleaner and how to properly ventilate certain areas of your home, plus so much more!
  2. This DIY Advice from Today’s Homeowner
    Danny Lipford is one of many authorities on Home Improvement. We like his approach to Indoor Air Quality which includes an explanation of common pollutants to watch for, and tips you can actually implement on your own.
  3. Which Air Filter do I Need? A guide from MightyServ
    We put together this useful guide to the types of air filters that exist and ways to tell which one suits your system and your home.

Energy Efficiency Resources

  1. This Expert Energy Saving Guide from the Department of Energy
    With more than just heating & cooling tips, this guide will help you DIY your way to savings on your energy bill & improvements to your carbon footprint.
  2. These Heating & Cooling Efficiency Tips from HowStuffWorks
    Check out the simple adjustments you can make to your windows & doors, your attic, your vents, and other parts of your home to save energy AND cash!
  3. These Winter Conservation Tips from the Family Handyman
    This article breaks out into SO. MANY. Other useful topics! You can learn about how to keep your fireplace from escaping your home’s heat, how to find leaks in your home and seal them, add insulation, and so much more!

Were any of these resources helpful for you as a new (or seasoned!) homeowner? Let us know and add yours by commenting below or Tweeting @cphac.


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