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Tips on Keeping Your Home Cool in California


California climate is fortunate to have warm summers but sometimes it can get a little too warm. You can save on air conditioning service in Thousand Oaks by making some essential changes to your home design. Hot summer weather in west Los Angeles can go on for months and droughts are not that uncommon. Keeping the air conditioning on full blast all day can really hurt your electric bill, so be sure to keep your AC maintained so it stays efficient.

Make Sure Your AC is Efficient
Make an appointment with air conditioning service in Encino and have your AC cleaned regularly. The filters in air conditioners tent to clog with dust and other air impurities which makes it less efficient. A dirty AC will also contaminate your indoor air, which is bad for your health. You can also have your ducts checked and cleaned by calling HVAC service in Bel Air. Ducts tend to collect dirt that sticks to the walls of your ductwork. This thick smudge collects over time and needs to be cleaned out regularly. AC filter and ductwork cleaning is not the kind of job you can do yourself. Call professional services to do the dirty work.

Go Green
If you have a yard, consider investing in shade trees that will cover at least part of your home. The sunniest part of the home is the east side, if you strategically have some shady trees in that part of the yard it will protect your home from the worst damage of the sun. Trees will also provide some much needed privacy. Try to choose a tree that will grow well in your climate, has a lot of leaves and will not grow very tall. Avoid huge hardwood trees like oak because having a large tree beside your home will prove to be a danger as large branches can fall into your house during storms. Consult your nursery on the best tree for small spaces and they should be able to recommend a leafy medium to small tree. If you want a fruit tree to provide you with future produce, you can have that as well.


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