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Top Benefits of Using a Smart Thermostat


You’ve probably heard of the smart thermostat. You may even know someone who uses this device in their house. But do you really know how it can benefit your home? It’s about more than just keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. In this post, we’ll discuss how using a smart thermostat can benefit you and your home comfort.

Smart Thermostat Benefits

So you’re thinking about switching to a smart thermostat? Here are just a few of the benefits you can enjoy with this:

Save energy

One of the greatest benefits of switching to a smart thermostat is the energy savings! Depending on your current home comfort habits, using a smart thermostat to manage and automate your home climate can help you save a significant amount on your monthly energy costs by helping you use your HVAC system more efficiently

Stay comfortable

A smart thermostat makes it even easier and more convenient to keep your home comfortable. These easy-to-use devices make programming your home climate to fit your schedule simple and stress-free. You can even adjust the temperature from your smart device to account for any fluctuations in temperature throughout the year.

Analyze your energy usage

Many smart thermostat devices allow you to view and analyze your HVAC energy usage throughout the year. With an easy-to-read monthly report, you can see how much energy you use each month and compare this to your average consumption patterns. The ability to review monthly energy usage is handy for helping you and your family become more energy efficient over time.

Carrier® Wi-Fi Thermostats

If you are looking for a quality smart thermostat for your home, consider the selection of Carrier Wi-Fi thermostats available from MightyServ:

  • Carrier® Wi-Fi® Thermostat – This versatile thermostat is compatible with many different types and brands of HVAC system. You can use the convenient mobile app and control features to adjust your home temperature and save more energy while you are away. Additionally, you can track just how much money you are saving with this smart thermostat.
  • CÔR® WI-FI® THERMOSTAT – This innovative thermostat was designed to help homeowners save on average 20% on their home comfort costs. This device offers features like smart setback that help your thermostat intelligently adapt to your schedule and preferences to help you save more energy over time. It even works with Apple HomeKit.
  • Infinity® Remote Access Touch Control – This Carrier thermostat goes beyond just helping you manage the temperature of your home. With the complete Infinity HVAC system and smart thermostat, you can also adjust humidity, ventilation, airflow, and indoor air quality for up to eight zones. The best part is that you can manage your home comfort levels from any Wi-Fi enabled device.

Are you ready to make the switch to a smart thermostat? The team at MightyServ, formally MightyServ can help you find just the right thermostat for your home comfort needs. Contact us today to speak with a home comfort specialist:  (818) 348-4768.


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