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Types of ventilation systems for businesses


Keeping air ventilated is so important. While residents can use this, companies rely on air ventilation so their customers can breathe easier without it feeling stuffy, smelling like a strange odor or inhaling the smell of others. There are ventilation and exhaust systems for residents and businesses to take advantage of. It will increase air quality by removing those odors along with fumes, smoke and moisture. It eliminates carbon dioxide and pesticides. It will also avoid moisture build up that creates bacteria, mold and mildew. Depressurize your building with these ventilation systems.

Natural ventilation systems are great for building owners because the air is clean, healthy and comfortable. It adjusts to the size and place of the building. It’s natural because uses every inch of the building to keep it ventilated; fresh air in, stale air out. From windows and vents to ceiling fans and open space no space is wasted. It will adjust to the right temperature and humidity. It’s so simple that older buildings have natural ventilation.

Supply ventilation systems work in hot and mixed climates. The system will take out stale and odorous air. Fresh air comes in through vents and those vents take the air to different places across the building. Clean air has to be pulled in two ways: through a fan or an exterior vent near a HVAC unit. This is not recommended for cold climates such as a freezer because of moisture buildup. Because of mold and mildew forming with hot and cold air interaction businesses must do everything they can to avoid moisture build-up

Exhaust ventilation systems are great to depressurize your building in cold climates. Their ventilation and exhaust systems bring constant clean air to the building’s exterior because of the exhaust and ventilation fans. It is not recommended for hot or mixed climates because of moisture buildup. Because of mold and mildew forming with hot and cold air interaction businesses must do everything they can to avoid moisture build-up

Balance ventilation systems say it all; it balances air and climate for the perfect temperature. It doesn’t rely on the building to keep it ventilated because it can handle it all. Two exhaust and ventilation fans are the reason for balance; one for heat recovery and the other for energy recovery. Heat recovery moves heat from exhaust to incoming for winter and incoming to exhaust for summer. Energy recovery transfers heat and moisture outside whether the other fan is on exhaust or incoming. This eliminates dehumidifiers or air conditioners

These ventilation systems are regulated by the EPA and OSHA. The EPA will not approve of a system that doesn’t meet their standards. There are state rules that require these systems to be tested, inspected, installed and maintained to the highest standard. The OSHA sets the standard for air quality in the workplace. Together you know that when you purchase one of these systems to depressurize your building you know it’s the best.

Each ventilation company has its pros and cons. Businesses have to do research and be thorough about their decision. This is an investment that will pay dividends in the long run. There are plenty of affordable ones out there so get one that meets your budget without breaking the bank. Choose the one that’s right for your company.


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